Friday, September 30, 2011

First Day of SCHOOL!

Finally, the big day of a new school year.  The boys both going to the same school for the first time ever! Whoohoo! They were so so so excited to get started.  PreK and Kindergaren both started a few days after the rest of the school.  We were dying by the time it was actually "our" 1st day but we were also thankful for the special attention ASD gave their little ones in order to help them settle in easily.  Believe it or not, ASD students do not meet their teacher until the morning of their very first day. un-American!  Well, it went just fine and the boys had incredible 1st days without having met their teacher before hand.  You know not everything has to be done exactly how its always been done!  That's a big lesson I keep having to learn! 

Way too many pictures for the blog book I dream of creating but probably never will. 

We started off with some red and blue Dragon pancakes! Go ASD Dragons!
 Early birds...we have to be up by about 6:30 and leave our house around 7.  The commute isn't far but the traffic is hideous! 
My two dragons! 
I'm thankful for the easy transition into having my first born go to Kindergarten.  Having been there last year, Brooks was so excited and it just seems right for him to keep movin' on!  I'm certain that if we were back home in Texas I would be much more emotional about him leaving our little nest and being away every day all day.  Its just a different, comfortable, easy feeling for all of us, which is great.  His schedule changes this year by being at school for a whole day vs. half a day.  Seems like his spot in our house is empty for a long time during the day though. 
So excited to be a Kindergartener!  
And this little in heaven being at ASD in PreK following in his brother's footsteps.  He's so proud of it.  And it if there's a little hand I had a hard time letting go of, its definitely my Barrett's.  
Not sure Georgia minds them being at school but there is nothing sweeter than their reunion at the end of the day!
Locked, loaded and ready to go. 
Daddy of course accompanied us to see the new digs.
The ever-so-famous DRAGON!
Mrs. Chaplin and Barrett...
we once again are blessed to have a Junod son pass through her classroom!!
She is so gifted with this age and has 2 boys of her own.
                         Giving Bear one last squeeze!! Sweet little thing.
Welcome to Kindergaren!!
Brooks next to his cubby/locker.  I love the names next to his.  
Such a blessing to be apart of this school. 
Brooks walked right in and started a building activity at his table.  Georgia wanted to stay and had I lingered a little longer I could have lost it completely...watching him settle in with such confidence and the lack of needing me :(
Stinker and I made a grocery run while the boys were busy getting smart.
Then it was back to school at 12:30 to pick Mr. Barrett up.  He was very sad that he didn't get to see Brooks on the playground.  We just assumed preK and Kinder would be together at recess like they were last year but that didn't happen so he was pretty disappointed.  Needless to say he's been surviving just fine without him and enjoying every bit of recess!
 After pick up we took Barrett out for a special PreK lunch...his choice.
Loving the dip the days!
Finally 3 o'clock rolled around and we were back to pick up Brooks.  He had an awesome day.  Unlike Barrett he didn't seem tired.  He talked all afternoon about his day and how much he loved it. 
Brooks and Mrs. Heney
Just a pic to remember our beautiful scenic drive home.  The number of trucks is ridiculous.
1st day surprise for the smarties! 
For desert I surprised the boys with my first ever cupcake cake.  Thanks to help of my sweet friend Jaime Ferguson, it actually worked and they actually ate it.  Sad but true, the boys thought it was a rocket.  Not sure what to think about that. 
 Here's to another school year!!

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Six Halls said...

A rocket...I can see it. Made me laugh out loud. I am impressed with all the sweet first day of school things you did for the boys. You are a wonderful momma!