Friday, April 30, 2010

Hanging at Home

If I only post to the blog once a week I end up having too many pictures but I'm including them all anyway. A lot's been going on at our house but its pretty consistent. Honey left to go home to Dallas and we're all missing her badly!! But in the mean time we've had dear friends and neighbors come visit, we've been given generous gifts, we've been blessed with hot meals almost every single night and so far we have a wonderful baby. Thank you LORD! Georgia has been sleeping and eating great, therefore helping us feel more rested than we planned on. I keep saying how nice it is to have a baby in Doha because we don't do much and there's no reason to get out or feel obligated to be anywhere. We're just doing what we normally do (with a little help of course) and its all pretty easy going. Last week I only got out to pick up the boys from school while my sweet friends dropped in to watch Georgia so I could do it baby-free.

This little monkey is pretty genius! It helps the paci stay in place.
Georgia cuddles with it too.

Our dear friends the Webbs gave the boys gifts as well as Georgia. The boys got a new soccer (football) and rugby ball. Huge hit, of course.

Kirsty and G

The Webbs gave us this blanket that I love!!
Its hand made and such a little treasure for our Doha baby.
Its a great size for the stroller, plus so soft.

Jennie the baby whisperer
(who doesn't have a baby of her own)

Picketts and Junods

Coordsen Crew

The Jacksons just returned from Texas and brought the boys bags full of TX toys and snacks.
We're going to have all kinds of cavities from the Fruit by the Foot that was consumed within just a day or two.

Gifts from Neighbors and Co-workers

Georgia's (fake) birth certificate
The hospital gives these neat little books with prints and a picture. Wish it was this easy to actually get a birth certificate but unfortunately we're scrambling at this moment to get the BC and US passport so Georgia can fly home with us in just a few weeks! What an ordeal!

The hospital also gave this arabic/english memory album. Pretty cool but I don't think I'll use it. Its got some weird cartoons.

The bros

Stinker and Georgia Liz

Georgia's first bath at home

We have a bar"ish" type thing upstairs in our villa and it works perfect for a newborn bath.
Daddy and the helpers!

Looks like mama might need a bath too...

We teach em young at our house...Sic'em BEARS!!!


First trip outside in the car to visit the pediatrician.

After the doc we did a little grocery shopping and also found these adorable Little Bites...

These tiny beautiful cupcakes are about 3 QAR or close to $1 each. Most things in Doha are 3x more expensive than they are home. Not these...we would pay almost $3 for a petifour this cute in Texas. I'm not having any showers but I'll be back for the donuts! Big hit with the boys after school.

Someone has taken full ownership of parenting their bear. Bubba has been swaddled ("with a boy blanket") and been given a bottle. So far Brooks has really stuck to his "male/daddy" role. I'm glad there's no confusion about how daddies feed their babies vs. mommies. Was a little need! It really is pure JOY to see this sweet Brooks love Georgia so sincerely and with every ounce of himself. She must get at least 50 kisses a day. It might be temporary or come and go but I'll take it right now!

And here he is in his prime! Couldn't be more like his father!

In just 10 days she looks so different. The cheeks are not at as chubby and her hair is already showing signs of blonde.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hospital and Homecoming

If I don't post lots of pictures and details I'll never remember what to write in a baby book, plus there are some specific family members at home that want to see and hear about every detail.

We stayed 2 days and 2 nights in the hospital. While we were there our Doha Famiy helped get Mom and the boys to and from where they needed to be.
Little Miss Plump!
(we've lost a little plumpness in those cheeks since this picture)

Biny, or Aunt Biny as we refer to her now completely dedicated her mornings to helping Mom get up to the hospital. She's gone far and above the call of duty as a friend and neighbor. Biny's husband is Nick's boss and they live right next door to us. Isn't that supposed to be an impossible situation...Not here! It works, works so well we couldn't be more thankful!

Later that morning Nick went to pick the boys up from Jackie so they could meet their little sister. Its been so much fun to watch their excitement and love for her. Thankfully we didn't have to do much explaining regarding her arrival. The one thing they knew for sure was that a doctor would help get her out of Mommy's tummy. So as soon as they saw Georgia they wondered where the doctor was.

For a while now, Brooks has loved babies. His sweet little spirit is so tender towards Georgia. He literally can't get enough. Is there anything better than watching your kids love each other. I pray that for the rest of their lives.

Barrett has been just as sweet, only he's quickly distracted by monster trucks, snacks, tv, etc. Typical 3 year old but I'm still very thankful he's so accepting and interested in having a baby around.

Family of FIVE!

Honey and the Big Bros

Barret got a little QT at the hospital without Big Bro Brooks around. Little stinker, always keeping us on our toes. I think he enjoyed the mini-fridge (full of juice and water) behind him as much as he did meeting little Sister.

Jackie and her boys came to meet Georgia and take Barrett home with them for the rest of the afternoon and to spend the night. I will never forget what this sweet friend did while we were in the hospital. Too much!

Donna and Macie came to meet Miss G

Judy (my Bible Study leader) and Miss Dede

Nick and Brooks were gone most of the afternoon. A week before Georgia's birthday, I got a call from the American School of Doha (ASD) saying that Brooks' interview/assessment for him to attend next fall was scheduled for Wednesday, the 23rd. Great timing...Fortunately it all worked out and we didn't need to reschedule. Because ASD is a private school, Brooks has to be accepted so this step couldn't be skipped over. Thankfully he did great and has been accepted to start there next fall. We're all very excited!! After the interview he couldn't wait to get back to Georgia.

Amy stopped by to meet Sister! Ugh...I could cry seeing this picture and knowing she's moving back to the States in just a couple weeks!

Honey got Georgia the sweetest hats...thank goodness, Lord knows the hospital doesn't have anything!!!

Even though the hospital is nice and professional...there were still plenty of "almost" moments through out our experience. One night at 11pm they came to take Georgia because the pediatrician was in doing rounds. Only in Qatar where business goes on through wee hours of the morning does a doctor do rounds that late!!! Then, one early morning around 3am or 4 the nurse brought Georgia to me and all she said was "she was crying"...isn't that why she's in the nursery instead of our room :) Most comical were the ice bags provided to me. Latex gloves filled with ice...why not? Picture below...

Unfortunately, I have been in more pain than manageable on my own. And pain management was not my nurses strong suit to say the least. Just different ideas or no ideas at all. The nurses were nice but not proactive. Thankfully, I have the greatest husband in the entire world. He went to the local pharmacy and tried to find all that he could to help ease the pain. Hearing him tell the story of trying to communicate what he needed and why is hilarious? Modesty is a big deal here, plus English was lacking at that particular pharmacy so a little game of charades took place so that Nick could find a sitz bath and other medications/treatments specific to his postpartum wife at the hospital. I can only imagine the hand gestures.

Best Biggest Brother!

Getting primped to go home.

Honey gave G this little bonnet to wear home and then one day carry down the isle in her wedding with her bouquet. She's not happy about it but she'll love it one day :)

This the same blanket I was brought home with 32 1/2 years ago.

We thought it was funny just walking out of the hospital. We were free to go whenever we wanted (well after we received all the paperwork for me and Georgia). And we just walked wheel chair or nurse like in the US.
Speaking of paperwork...we got a kick out of this particular form that asked for the "Mother's Order" in where I fell in order according to the number of Nick's wives.

The QUEEN on her throne!

Loading up...we got a bell boy but no wheel chair.
Lord knows I'm not cripple and we had plenty of stuff...makes sense.

Georgia's Keeper!

Home Sweet Home!

Jackie got Georgia a birthday cake!

Jennie and Eric made cupcakes...big hit with the boys.

Puppies meet the lady of the house.

Brooks keeps saying how happy he is Georgia is home. Aren't we all!
Ready for our first night at home with 3 babies!