Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Houston Arrival Weekend!

Our flight to Texas was direct to Houston from Doha. It was considered a huge success. Trust me I had been in serious prayer! Georgia sat and slept in her car seat all but about 1 hour of our flight. The boys were easily entertained with movies and we didn't find ourselves digging out drugs to induce sleep! I actually watched 2 movies which is tells all!

Once we arrived in Houston our precious friends the Michaelis's and LaRovere's picked us and all of our luggage up and we headed straight for Lupe Tortillas for a welcome home dinner! I regret not taking more pictures of how excited the boys were to see their friends (and us too)!
Shannon snapped this picture. Only in Texas...do you see an Alligator Gar in the parking lot while you're eating mexican food. Pretty exciting to all these boys.

The La Rovere's graciously hosted us for a long weekend which included a fun pool party and BBQ with some of our favorite Houston peeps!

I must have been jet lagged or just too busy enjoying every second of friends and the sights of home because I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do.

Up early with best friends! These boys were just babies when we all met almost 3 years ago. Now they live in Cypress less than a mile from our old stompin grounds!
Isaac, Brooks, Jacob, Barrett

Enjoying the evening outside over some serious grillin' by Mr. Mark!

Pool full of people! We are so thankful for the faithfulness of these friends. Although in the sandbox they've hung in there with us!

Dr. Paul doing his best canon ball!

Mr. Derek doing the same.

Josh and Nick with their babies

Mrs. Tracy with a few of her babies and a few of my babies.

Paul, Derek and Nick

Shannon, Jackie, Donna, Tracy

Georgia with the sweet Duncan kids (friends from Doha now back in Houston)

Jackie, Tracy, Shannon, me, Donna, Bailey


paradise in the backyard

Shannon is queen of cookie cakes. She was very disappointed in this design. The birds are weird but it tasted as awesome as usual.

Georgia and Jennie (sweet Doha neighbor and friend now Houstonian)

Junods and Flanakins (next door neighbors from 3 years ago in Houston)

Tired kiddos after a long day of sun!
Justin, Macie, B, Isaac, Jacob, B

We finished up our weekend with more pool time combined with a little football! This one hit em in the numbers...oops!

The night before we left we snuck in an adult only dinner and left the kiddos at home!

Its ridiculous for so many reasons!

Not a great picture but absolutely incredible friends. We met them in the DC airport, all on our way back to Doha almost 3 years ago. Feels more like 30! They are so gracious and giving. Being with them is being home! Thank you Jackie and Mark for everything! We love you!

Souq Pictures

One HOT afternoon in Doha we went to the Souqs to take a few pictures. Our old babysitter was in town for the summer so we snagged her and her camera.

Gwen's Birthday

Gwen is a really special person to our family. There was no question we were going to celebrate her birthday! We went to an awesome Hibachi restaurant at the Marriott Hotel. Entertaining and tasty!

Gwen is one of Georgia's BFFs and her number one babysitter!

Thats an ice cream crepe!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Days!

Just before school was out at ASD parents were invited to PreK for Portfolio Day. Brooks' teacher, Mrs. Chaplin saved and organized his school and art work for the entire year. She's once again amazing!

Class Pic

Our dear friends the Beaty's daughter was in Brooks' class. They're moving to India this summer and will be greatly missed!!

Mrs. Chaplin and Brooks on the last day of school.

Ice cream party!

Acacia and Brooks on the last day!

Picking up Bear on his last day!

Me and the Kindergartener!

So long to the school year! Hello Summer and USA!