Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sic Em and Say Good Bye

What a fun night...complete with our traditional Christmas time fish fry and the Alamo Bowl Victory!
 Its so fun to be in a family with BU tradition.  We're proud of our horned frog too. 
Now this is the truth...I love this picture.  Halls are trying to keep Graham happy.  Mrs. Jerry is bossin'. Dad's got grease on his brand new BU shirt after frying fish.  Nick's trying to handle the dog after kissing him in the face I'm sure and I'm setting the timer.
Before the game we successfully seeded the donut tree.  The boys and Papa spent some time finding the most perfect tree down by the lake that afternoon. 
They surely picked a good tree...seeds grew over night. Yum! 
Getting ready for good-byes. Its like a bandaid...just do it and get it over with.  I hate it.  I just do. 
I could do this expat thing for the rest of my life if it weren't for these precious people and kids.  And at the same time, I can't do this expat thing today without the incredible amount of support and unconditional love they just keep pouring out. 
 Hug ya in Twenty Twelve Watkins peeps!  We love you so much!

Watkins Family Togetherness and Craziness!

This year we gathered together at the Wilsons house for Christmas.  This group just keeps multiplying.  We were missing the Criswells as well as Jake, Lousia and Will.
The Watkins book carries around some good cookin' genes and the theme was Italian! 
Carols and piano lead by Eric and Eli
Chafen scored these beauts!
Celia trying to sell her purdy purse away! 
After the white elephant exchange...the treasure of the night belonged to my dad and Uncle Jimmy.
Their brother-in-law, gave them a handmade footstool.  Its a replica of the footstool that was in the Watkins/Wilson family for about 100 years.  The original footstool was probably made by my dad's grandfather (Dr. J. Wilson), then passed down to "Dottie" Wilson Watkins and on to Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim.  Uncle Jim made this without nails. Its incredible and such an incredible gift from his heart and hands!
Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Jan, Uncle Jim, Dad

Christmas with the Watkins Fam

We woke up early on the 27th and raced to Dallas.  Nick basically jumped out of our truck and into Dad's truck for an afternoon of hunting with my dad and Dave.  You don't pass that kind of afternoon up when you live in Doha.  The next day we were up and pretending it was Christmas Day.  It is so fun to have a house full and such a blessing that the Halls spent the night with us for most of that week.  In early December, Honey and Papa's dog Buddy died.  It was very sad to be at their house without him.  We were so glad to have the Hall's dog Oskie, the big black lab for lots of hugs and cleaning up after kids!  

Nothin' like a slightly cheesy family Christmas pose to get things off to a good start :) 
Cinderelly and her Daddy 
These pictures don't need any description. 
Elmo lover sporting her new swim cover up from Honey.  
Harry and David came to see Aunt Rosie
Standing Guard over Anna Lou's new tent
  Mom used the kids gingerbread houses to decorate her table.  She also made a delicious meal that kinda resembles what we missed at Thanksgiving.  Yum!
We had played a few games to wrap up our Christmas dinner.  The first game created wonderful conversation and interesting personal info related to Christmas.
The other game involved hunting down a pickle. 
Of course! 
Cousins played the pickle game too. Wish I could remember the story behind the pickle. I do however remember Brooks and Nick, the winners both received Chick Fil A gift cards that are waiting to be redeemed Summer 2012. 
Its not unusual for these out-laws to get head lamps in their stockings.  They actually use them! 
Papa Bear! We love him so much! 
Day full of blessings and family.  I am so thankful!