Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Ball and A Toilet

I'm learning what boys are made of and when we're staying with Honey and Papa, they are too!!  Papa never seems that surprised.  He's always so patient and understanding while Honey and I are in shock.
This time there was a little problem involving the toilet and a ball.  One morning Barrett came rushing to the kitchen to tell us that water was coming out of the potty upstairs.  LORD HELP US!  Something about one brother going potty and not want the other to get the ball, then the ball bouncing into the potty after someone used the potty in more ways than "I flushed it".  WHAT?! 
Nothin' like a little red neck affair in your front yard to get the neighbors curious!
I admit, its maddening at the time so taking pictures doesn't come naturally but its necessary for memories and a good laugh.  So glad I did.  Dad did all the nasty dirty disgusting work.  He tried all kinds of fancy tools after a quick run to Lowes.  But then the two of us finally got that ball out with an ice pick and needle nose pliers.  Oh and so sorry about ruining the ball!
Boys will be boys!


shannonmichaelis said...

Oh. My. Word!!!

Sybil K said...

LOL, this is AWESOME! :P:P:P

Shannon said...

BLESS SWEET PAPA! I can only imagine how happy you were! :-) Love all these posts and miss you so much! Love you!