Saturday, September 3, 2011

Galveston with the Girls!

 For months in advance we plan to spend time together.  This group of friends is so unique and incredibly special to me. We have shared many life changing experiences and moments over the last 15 years.  6 of the 7 have known each other since they were little girls, I on the other hand crossed paths with these friend during college! 
This weekend away was spent in Galveston at Shannon's family beach house.  This go-round we planned a little gift exchange of our favorite things.  Such a fun addition to our weekend. 
Katy trying out some jewelry.
All the faves!
Announcement of the weekend!
Dinner out at The Spot.  Fried pickles, fried jalapenos, fish tacos, etc.   Hello!
 My sista, Ann! 
Funny, exciting, eventful game of Whoonu! Only to be done with the ones you truly love and think you know. 
Day at the beach.
You can't go a girls weekend without some beauty tips.  
Lauren curls her hair with this amazing blow dryer!
Our weekends are never short on food and snacks. These are some of the best cooks in my life!
Group shot with self timer.  Looking very beachy with little fixing up.  
My mom sent me with these fun t-shirts as a little party favor. She knows what a blessing these girls are in my life and how much I depend on them across the world!

Is it possible for 7 girls to get a boat out of the slip for a little sunset ride?
Shannon calling for support!  Ann taking the opportunity to throw a line in. 
Let's be sure we have enough gas.
Our fearless captain, Shannon. 
Swimsuits hung by the beachouse with care!
Love you precious friends and can't wait for the next time.  


shannonmichaelis said...

Miss miss miss you!

Great post - maybe I will just link to yours to make my blog look active.

Katy said...

Girl you are a postin fein! (sp?)

Such a sweet trip as always. I love the one of us on the beach all huddled up with our hats!