Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Romin' on our own...

On Sunday we spent the day Romin' on our own. We walked and walked and walked but enjoyed all there was to see. Spent extended time at sights we had seen but didn't get to linger around.

Pantheon - Brooks and Honey

Incredible column sculpted with extreme detail.

Weird street entertainment...unfortunately they don't move without money.

Trevi Fountain

Throwing our coins in...making the usual wish to come back to Rome!

Borghese Villa and Garden (beautiful huge park, similar to Central Park like NYC)

Old Roman city wall with a very cool cross

Roman Streets

Roman Ruins

Mamertine Prison where Paul and Peter were held before their execution

eerie place but very moving...

Cute hat swap photo!
These two brothers are quite different as you can see by the hats! But both incredible men are extremely loved and respected in the Watkins family!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rome Day 1

On our first morning we took a private driving tour of Rome. We stopped at various places all over the city as well as drove by some special places that we just wanted to see. Our tour guide was awesome and so helpful with the boys. We were in awe and absolutely amazed!! To see places where the disciples walked was mind blowing. The history and ambiance of the entire city was something I'll never forget.

Off for the day...


Roman Forum

Capitol Hill

Barrett loved chasing the pigeons!! LOVED IT!

Palentine Hill


Other random sites with incredible architecture and design...

Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Our tour guide helping Barrett look through a key hole. The view was incredible.

I tried to get my camera to focus but you can't see the Vatican far in the distance.

Amazing place we ate for lunch (twice)


Bear woke up and I enjoyed some much much much needed and delish ham/cheese bread. Its been 7 months since we've had any "Wilber" so we had a lot of pork in Italy!!

One of the many many many churches...

Smart cars everywhere and parking any way they wanted.

Headed to din-din

Aunt Margaret, Me and Mom

Someone's random apartment I was totally jealous and speechless over.

Unbelievable fresh flowers for sale

We had so much fun spending some of our Rome time with my aunt and uncle. We just happened to plan our trip about the same time they came with their church choir. Unfortunately our timing didn't work out to see their performance.

HELLOOOOO....GELATOOOOO! Yes, we had this every single day!

Papa and his boys! We seriously couldn't have done it without him or Honey! They were so much fun and the BEST help! We made some incredible memories! More pics and posts to come...