Monday, September 26, 2011

Headed Home to Daddy!

Its helpful for me to call "home" wherever Daddy is or wherever God has our family at that moment in time.  This departure and good-bye was especially difficult for me this go-round.  Obviously it doesn't get any easier to leave our family, friends and comforts in the U.S.  Spending extended quality time with grandparents, cousins and best friends leaves us wanting even more as our three little ones grow to know and love the treasures we live across the ocean from!  Relationships are like gold the older they get.  I enjoyed this summer more than ever before because Brooks and Barrett were so independent.  They take care of themselves and each other which makes things easier on mama and anyone else we come in contact with! So thankful for that and a summer packed full of great memories!

Every year in Doha has brought unique challenges that have shaped us and made us stronger for each other and for Christ.  I am trusting God that will be the same this year as it has been.  As soon as we landed in Doha on the ever-so-ridiculously-humid evening of August 21st, I was caught off guard by my contentment of being "home".  God given no doubt!  There have been so many wells in this desert over the last 3 years and its freeing to know we're not here to serve ourselves or on our agenda.  What a wreck that would be.  There is a Plan!  So until then...Doha Days remain!

Papa grabbing one more chance to play babies with his girl Georgia!  Brooks never too far away from neither Papa or Georgia! 
Loading the truck...its a good thing there aren't any pictures of my mom, sister or me (or dad for that matter)...its not pretty driving away from cousins, Aunt Sissy and Papa!!  
As I write this post (a month later), I sit here with tears as big as precious Graham's, missing all of these sweet sweet people! 
As usual my last 48 hours are spent packing and being sad/quiet as well as anxious before heading back to Doha.  No particular reason...its just the oceans apart and months away that gets me in the gut!  Doesn't usually stop until I sit in my seat on the airplane.  Happens every stinkin' time! But I had my mama for most of that precious time.  She graciously drove us to Houston late Saturday night and we spent the night at Jackie and Mark's house.  They were out of town so we invaded for a few hours to sleep and eat.  
(warning...all pictures are from the iPhone...yikes)
Big hugs and special thanks to Honey for driving us to Houston.  Our car has a special storage spot in Dallas while we're away so that makes it difficult for us to drive ourselves and leave our vehicle for a Houston flight. 
Wrapped things up by going from one grand-mommy to another....Honey dropped us off at Tatty's house to spend the day.  We enjoyed some great time by the pool with her and Aunt Mouse before heading to the airport.  Georgia in her new pink hat Tatty got her in Beliz.
Then it was off to the airport!  Gotta a little independent practice checking 8 pieces of luggage and 4 carry-ons plus the carseat! Then through a few security and passport checks! Whew!  Oh and throw in an extra sprint back though security to the bathroom for the dang pillow pet.  Once you've stepped up to security there are a few loose ends and taking your shoes off is minimal with 3 chil-uns!  Once we were on the plane I stopped sweating and we got settled.  It was a treat to see our friend on the plane too!!  Honestly the boys were so great and helped themselves so so much!!  I started off across the isle from my chickens until Georgia started kicking the seat in front of her.  Having the car seat was a lifesaver but a little bit difficult to move around and very bulky!
PJs and Musical Chairs
Home again home again!
Dog days of Doha jet lag!!!
 2 am snack and evil eyes.  This was a horrible experience with jetlag.  Too many children sleeping different times!! Daddy going to work.  Mommy not interested in hot sandy pit outside.
Lots and lots of sleeping..
10 days later...all better!! 


Ashley Hall said...

Wah wah wah! Why did you have to post the goodbye! I had to relive it! Sweet pictures of your preciousnesses during your last few days! What an amazing summer! Fall will fly by and December here before we know it! Im
still amazed at those flight pics and the stinky jetlag! You are one incredible mom!!LOVE FROM TEXAS!!

Katy said...

I am amazed UH mazed at how you do all that major traveling alone with your kiddos! super mama!!!

Love you, friend, and can't imagine the heartwrenching goodbyes. :( Know you are thought of and loved very much back in tX!!!