Monday, September 26, 2011


We intentionally made our summer plans to include some football before heading back to Doha.  Of course the Hall and Watkins houses are full of football talk year round but all of us wanted to catch some live Texas football before heading back to the sandbox.  What could be better than a scrimmage between our two favorite coaches.  How does that happen?  The Denton Broncos (my dad's team) headed east to scrimmage the McKinney Lions (my BIL's team) on Friday night just 48 hours before our flight. Perfect!  As my sis said...we love the Broncos, love the Lions but truly LOVE their COACHES!!!

Of course since it was convenient and NEW...we sampled the new In-N-Out Burger in Allen before heading to the game.
Coach Hall/Uncle Dave giving some high-fives
Constant motion...up and down! 
Absolute fascination from Brooks!  
I honestly cannot wait to see my boys in uniform.  When you grow up loving sports, its hard to imagine anything different for your kids.  So many life lessons out on that field. 
Twizzlers will slow any toddler down for a few minutes. 
It takes something pretty special for a coach to step away from his football team at half-time.  We caught a picture with Coach Watkins and his other team real quick. 
Hot sweaty fans with their favorite Papa! 



Katy said...

CAN.NOT. wait for Clark to play sports. Especially football. Oh my goodness. I love it! ;)

Sappington said...

Love the picture of your dad with all the grandkids! That is a framer for his office for sure! Glad you all got home safely.