Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Days!

Our last few days in Texas are always precious and emotional for me but we soaked up every second.

Honey and Papa treated the boys to Build A Bear for their birthdays!  That place has been a real treat since we don't walk past it every week at our own mall.  They hold tight to Max and Fudgie every single night! Great memories and the perfect summertime birthday present!
Very little hammering is done in Doha, due to cement walls and zero access to lumber.  Make every second count for a young man who needs to learn how to use a hammer!
Brooks really needs to stick around through dove season.  Texas born boy needs a chance to sit in a real blind.  He was so serious about looking for birds. 
By the end of the summer Georgia was in love with swinging.  We don't have convenient access to parks and baby swings in Doha.  Georgia lost her fear of swings after 
a summer full of swinging.
A few days before our departure, one of my very best and most precious friends, Jackie popped over for a visit with her boys.  Hopefully we will be back in time for the arrival of her Christmas baby!
Poolside with the cuzzies! 
Last run to Sonic with the cousins...
Before a Texan turns 18 months, she must experience her first corny dog!  It just has to happen!  And needless to say it was a huge hit! 
Checking to make sure every thing is set and ready to go for Honey's school. Let's just say if you're anywhere near Plano and you don't go to Parkway Hills Weekday're missing out!  And you're not the only ones...there are 2 little boys in Doha who would have been so blessed to be apart of that school.  Instead we get Honey forever which is a pretty sweet trade!
Always a party!
well maybe not for Georgia...
We also were able to visit one more time with Aunt Rosie plus enjoy some good TexMex. 
Barrett requested Honey's "bumpity" cake.  So together they made the boys' favorite pound cake.  Bundt cakes are bumpy so their silly little name has stuck!


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Katy said...

I just love your family, love the way you raise your kids (seems like we're kindred spirits on that), and love you! and miss you! :(