Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big D Weekend

We had a fun weekend in Dallas just before Nick left for Doha. We soaked up our time with him and celebrated a little.

Honey and Papa kept all of our babies so we could have a night away. We just went down the road to the Westin in Frisco but it was much needed time before 6 week long separation.

After checking into the hotel we went to Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House. We took advantage of the date and called it our anniversary celebration. On September 2nd we'll celebrate 10 years but we won't be able to get away by ourselves for an entire night. The restaurant was awesome and they helped us celebrate with champagne.

The next day we literally slept until 10am and then hung out by the pool! Hallelujah! Thank you H & P for giving us a quiet 24+ hours just to ourselves. Wanna move to Doha?

On Friday night we took the "Fathers" of our bunch to a Rough Riders (Rangers' farm team) game. We were all going to be in different places on the actual day so we spent time with each other at the ballpark.
The outfield is absolutely the best seat in the house for those 4 and under!

"Red" and his beautiful eyes!


Not sure what was more game or cotton candy.

Sweet Lou Lou

I'm so thankful this is the man I call husband and Daddy!
Happiest Father's Day to our one and only! So sorry we couldn't be together!

We also managed to squeeze in a quick dinner with some of our oldest and best BU friends.
Junods, Browns, Smiths, Davis, Sheps

Daddy left the next day unfortunately but he left the boys with a letter to read each night before bed. Last summer he did the same and its still the motivating factor that gets their little biscuits upstairs for bed! They love it and its just a reminder that Daddy loves them. Each letter has a fun picture on it (football player, fishing, baseball, boat, car, tractor, Baylor Bear, Denver Bronco, McKinney Lion, etc.)... which is why they tear into the envelope. There's always a Bible verse plus a picture of Daddy and his boys.

They look so drowsy!
Dear Lord, please bless the bedtime routine! Its eating me alive!
Are they still on Doha time or what?
Thank goodness Georgia sleeps her little head off at this time of the night. Its also an absolute delight to have Honey and Papa around for the extra set of hands...without them I'd be toast! Double Trouble but love em to pieces!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lake Time with the Wakins Family

A few weeks ago the Watkins crew took a family trip to relax and hang at Cedar Creek Lake. To say we LOVE the lake is a bit of an understatement. Dad grew up enjoying the lake for fishing and skiing and passed it on to Ash and me. Not to mention those that we married love the lake as well. So for 5 days we enjoyed the water, the boats, the sun, the fishing, the food, the cousins, the boredom and mostly each other.

Lots of bubble blowing on our trip...thank you Honey for all the supplies!

The house we stayed in was absolutely perfect for us all. Poor Honey and Papa gave up a regular bedroom for the bunk room (with no door). Of course they made their grandbabies as comfortable as possible. All of us got a lot of rest and had plenty of space. The house had 5 bedrooms with extra closet and bathroom space.

Big B fishin' away!

More bubs!

Dave tearin' it up on the wakeboard

Papa tossed in a little fish and the swimmers evacuated

Bear and Aunt Sissy


The girls of our bunch

My favorite men in the whole wide world!

Sunset cruise in Uncle Dave's speedboat (as the B's call it)

Nothin' like a boat ride to put you fast to sleep

Grahamers and Honeybear

Great place for jeep driving

Porch sittin' with Daddy and Georgia

We enjoyed many-a-meal on the deck

Bathing beauty getting cousin kisses!

Big Catch!

We drove just a few minutes away to Athens one morning which is home to my grandmother and mama! Some of my absolute best memories are from precious time spent in Athens. East Texas will always be my favorite part of the Lone Star State. My great Aunt Leta and Uncle Mac still live there and Aunt Rosie, was in town visiting so we had big family time in A-town.

Brooks couldn't wait to get back on Uncle Mac's tractor. This time he could actually steer.

Barrett took his driving very seriously.

Brooks sneaking into Uncle Mac's old car.

Getting a ride...this is the little road that leads out of Aunt Leta and Uncle Mac's DREAMY property. Looks like a movie.

Aunt Leta and Barrett sitting in a "Royall" chair that's been in our family for many years!

Lunch Bunch at Ol' West Steakhouse

Uncle Mac and his family are legends in Athens...he was pointing out old football pictures of his dad and grand-dad.

My mom and aunt spent half of their growing-up years in this special house.
We made a stop to see where we made many sweet memories with Mimi and Poppy.

We also stopped for a quick pic on Royall street. Baby boy Barrett and the street are both named after my grandmother's family.

Could there be anything better than a high school football stadium on the street that shares your name??

A few minutes spent at the beautiful cemetery where my grandparents are buried.

After our Athens visit, Aunt Rosie joined us at the lake house to spend the night.

She came prepared to be the dealer...and she was a dealer with prizes!

Little twister to get things going...

Brooks and his tubing partners

and Honey

Ash up on the wake board for the first time. It was literally cloudy and sprinkling.

Someone must have said hold up your fork.
Great grub on those forks!

Boat Buddies!

Skiing buddies - me and Ash

Pineywoods/Backwoods Brooks