Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daddy and Tonsils

We weren't planning to see Nick for a total of 58 consecutive days but since Brooks was having his tonsils and adenoids removed we shorted our separation to 45 days.  Which is a big difference after having gone all summer without him, sleeping in a lot of different beds and having very little routine.  After about 4 weeks we're more than over-due for Daddy. Thankfully my dad, Papa steps up and hits the ball out of the park when it comes to what the boys need from a father figure!  He's the best Papa EVER!

We did a little baking to welcome daddy back to Texas.  Red velvet of course!!

It would be an absolute nightmare for me to be away from my babies for as long as Nick endures it.  Its extremely challenging for all of us but he does such an amazing job keeping up with the boys and Georgia by mail and skype.  It sounds crazy but being at home in Texas for the summer break is important to both of us for our kids sake.  Not to mention I have no desire to stay in the Doha heat or my own heart's deseire to be home in Texas.  This summer seemed easier and more pleasant for a few reasons but mostly its because the boys are more independent and don't require so much from mama!  

So excited to finally see him.
On the morning of August 10th we headed to Cook's Childrens Surgery Center for tonsils and adenoids to be history for Brooks.  We of course had Brooks' fan club present.  Honey, Papa plus Ash and crew.  Georgia and Bear loved having cousins to play with.  Papa played hookie from football to be with his Brooks and there was no talking him out of it  
Ready to go...before drugs
After drugs and a few minutes away from la-la land! 
Brooks did awesome!  Came quickly out of anesthesia and was happy to see us.  Brooks is a usual puker so we took a few doses anti nausea meds.  He had a rough hour of being sick but we were eventually released and sent home. 
Before and after Pix!  It must be documented!
One of our best buddies, Justin sent this awesome "You'll BEE ok" cookie basket. 
iphone pic
Tatty sent beloved legos and books.  Thank goodness there was something to do that kept him inactive. No chance he was staying in his bed or on the couch.  Daddy took him for ice cream one day and the next day they went to a movie.  We were so so thankful Daddy came for the surgery. He took care of giving medicine 2x during the night while jet lagged.
Honey is a little crazy when it comes to keeping up with every single part of a toy.  Which is a wonderful thing and completely opposite from me :) She still has the Perfection game from when Ash and I were little.  Nick and Brooks both loved it! 
While Brooks was getting well Barrett spent the night with his cuzzies!  Anna Lou got to have a slumber party in her room with Barrett on the floor.  Two Peas! 
 We had a little outing to Aunt Sissy's house to pick up Barrett and to enjoy Papa Murphy's pizza (and the cinnamon wheel...which will never to be forgotten).
Another pair of peanuts! 
Never fear, the Preschool expert can always pull through with incredible entertainment! 
Thank you Honey!!
This one involved a diet coke and sunkist, plus a few mentos!
Diet Coke
Georgia giving Buddy some love. 
Last hugs and kisses before Daddy headed back to Doha.
All of us a little tired but our only effort to take a picture of the 4 of us all summer. Some little people around here always hog the camera.
So long to Daddy!  Goodness we were glad to have him around.  We would have survived but there's nothing like the presence of Daddy and Husband.  We love you for being by our side Daddy!


Jackie said...

I love this post...I love Brooks and am so glad his surgery went well. I love your family for having such servant's hearts and working so hard to make Brooks feel better. Ya'll are too sweet. Miss you guys!

A Berry Bailey Life said...

Hey girl!! I am just re-entering the blogging world after a VERY long absence and I was perusing yours! So sweet!! Your kiddos are getting so big! They are all 3 PRECIOUS! My Anna had her tonsils and adnoids out last year right after Christmas. Glad B's surgery went well! I saw in your post that you mentioned something about "Aunt Sissy's house"...I was curious if this is what your kids call your sister? In my family I am "Aunt Sissy" so I just had to ask ;) Hope you guys are doing well!