Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting started...

As the school year is getting started we are gearing up and doing a few other things as well as school.  First up, Brooks has had his first homework assignments.  We have a few projects here and there in the past but this has been real homework and our little student is all about it.  If he doesn't have homework, he makes it up.  God bless him, he's nothing like his mother or daddy!  Let's hope the passion sticks around for a good 15+ years! 
 First homework assignment...don't go lettin' your mind crawl in the gutter on this one.  Objects are different than they appear from a distance!
Brooks was asked to draw a picture of one of his class rules.  And when he finished a family member had to guess what the rule was.  Daddy nailed it...quiet voices. 
 Homework Assignment #2 and thankfully it wasn't due for a few days.  Mommy needs to wash away her bad habits from school and get on top of the calendar and due dates!!  Lordy!  Brooks will keep me on my toes for now but not sure about his brother. 
Handwriting homework with a little supervision.
On our way to dinner at our friends house! 
We continue to be so blessed by our move to a new compound at the beginning of the summer.  Every Thursday night the compound hosts a kid's movie night.  This was our first and they loved it!  
Georgia bellied up to the bar.  Remember no one sells alcohol and bars are just for juice.  No seriously, they are!  Georgia's enjoying her fries and nuggets while the boys watch the movie.
  Quick pic after the show of a few of our buddies...
 Friday morning was the start of a new T-ball season.  Not only did Nick get himself signed up to be a coach he is actually the T-ball coordinator.  How bout that?  He's so perfect for the job and the boys couldn't be more proud.  This weekend was assessment day.  Kids come to show their skills so that teams can be made evenly.
Gotta love the BU spirit.  Gotta have shade...might as well be green and gold! 
This is Brooks' last year to play Tball.  I'm going to enjoy the boys playing on the same team and hope that its not the last time!! 
 Friday was T-ball and Saturday was Softball!  We've lived here 3 years and just now discovered the huge world of softball.  Co-ed and mens teams!  Wish I was playing but our kids might need a parent around in the stands.  We enjoyed the scenery and atmosphere so much.  Felt like home....there were concessions and everything!! 
This pic of my man reminds me so much of our early years at BU.  Similar look, hat, shirt etc...minus the littles obviously! Mostly its his new physique that makes him look so young though.  This dude has been getting his booty kicked and boot camp for the last few months.  And its not just little ol' suburban boot camp.  
I felt like I had been at boot camp it was so hot at the softball field.  Not sure what's up with the humidity and heat but its not going anywhere.  Has a tendency to turn our kids into red-faced ragamuffins.

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Shannon said...

Oh, I LOVE all the BU gear that the Junods have been sporting! And - I love the flashback of Nick at BU. Don't you feel like we were just there. I was telling the kids the story of Brad getting on Nick's motorcycle (wasn't it Nicks?) and then running it straight into the bushes and brick wall. I still am laughing just typing about it! Memories! Love all these posts and love that you guys are getting a little ball playing up there! Love and miss you!