Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it me? Is it just my children? Or is it BOYS????

I'm not sure what the problem is but since I didn't grow up with brothers I'm pretty convinced its a BOY thing.
Hello Barrett, whats on your hand and face??

While Brooks was at school Barrett found a little bottle of blue food coloring. I was eating my lunch while I thought Barrett was quietly playing by himself. Thank goodness for tile floors!

After his nap he found my purse and mascara.

While making a phone call (ironically to cash in on the spa day Nick got me for Valentines) the boys absolutely destroyed the kitchen. Every cabinet and drawer was opened and rummaged through. All appliances were open, refreshments were served and a fun game of dodge ball was played with dishwasher detergent cubes.

I guess they are taking a break and having a snack. Barrett looks to be eating the detergent and Brooks is still drinking his Diet Coke in what resembles a shot glass but is really a small tupperware container. Obviously toxic cleaners and bug sprays are out for poisoning, plus the plunger and rubber gloves which are always free from bacteria...nice!

Shortly after the kitchen blew-up. I found Brooks and Barrett at two separate times each in the dryer with the door closed while the other brother just laughed. Clean clothes all over the floor. I promise, all I was trying to do was make a phone call and cook dinner. Obviously I blame myself for the lack of 100% supervision but seriously...this must have something to do with boys. Colors, books, puzzles, etc get very little attention around. Curious George has some stiff competition. I'm pretty sure Caryn and Jenise support my theory! Both have boys and come from all girl families. Help a sister out!!! And Jen, please don't be alarmed that you just found out boy #2 is on the way. They really are fun, just don't leave them alone and plan a lot of spa days!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ash and Shan visit Doha (part 2)

This is part 2 of our week with Ashley and Shannon. We had such an awesome time. I enjoy having visitors for the obvious reasons but also because we do unusual and entertaining activities. To start off our weekend Ashley, Shannon and I spent an entire day and evening at the Intercontinental Hotel. It was such a treat for all of us. One of my best friends here, Donna kept the boys so we could spend the day at the pool an beach. Then Nick took over Daddy duty after work. Thank you to both of you!

Who posts full length swim suit pictures? ugh!
But I had to...that skyline is pretty interesting. At least 1/2 of those buildings are under construction.

After a day in the sun we took a quick drive over to see the Pearl before the sun went down. The Pearl is Doha's version of the Palm in Dubia. Hot spot for high end shopping, eating, walking, people watching, etc. Its very much under construction but still beautiful and will be even more amazing when its finished. Let's hope we're long gone by then.

Shannon getting ready for dinner.

Incredible arrangement in the lobby...

After dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant we skipped back over to the Pearl for coffee and a little Doha nightlife. Ha! Doha stays up late but the atmosphere is very tame and calm which is nice. Alcohol is only served in hotel restaurants so coffee shops are packed for socializing. We were some of the only westerners but it was fun and a beautiful night. This is the taxi that took us from the parking lot to the area of shopping and restaurtants.

This was our favorite advertisement at the Pearl..."I'd like to buy that"

Most of the time we acted our age...Posers.

Doesn't this look like a place for running...

After a great night sleep at the Intercon without a sweet 3 year old standing at my bedside, we enjoyed breakfast at Johnny Rockets and then went home to pack for a full adventurous day. Started our day with camel rides. Shan and Ash jumped on and headed off for their ride when Barrett started literally crying for "Aunt Sissy" (Ash). So Barrett and I jumped on as well.

Shani and the falcon. I wasn't going near that bird considering my lack of fondness for the devil"ish" animal. Shannon looks great! Falcons are used for hunting in Qatar.

After the petting zoo :) we hit the dunes. Our friends, the Duncans joined us as well as co-worker friend of Nick's. Fortunately for us, Nick's co-worker is well experienced in dune bashing. Well we didn't really bash but we went over some freaking steep dunes. Let's just say there were white knuckles and screaming in our car.

Proof that Nick was around....

After we gave Ash a little car sickness we finally arrived at the inland sea. Saudi on the other side. Unfortunately it wasn't very sunny and the rain ran us off. But we were still able to spend a couple hours in the water and on the beach. Doha Sister!

I love this picture of Bear laughing so hard. Shannon was his mommy while Nick and I came to visit Doha on our pre-assignment trip . They have a little something special between the two of them.

We spent our last afternoon at the pool and enjoying blizzards.
Don't ever assume we don't have the real DQ here in Doha.

Bear loves him some "Aunt Sissy"

This pics describes our evening perfectly...chaos while we grilled burgers and had fun in the kitchen.

Thank you Ash and Shan for an incredible week. I will remember and treasure it forever! The boys will too. Oh and Nick is probably the most thankful, otherwise he might have a crazy homesick wife! I can survive 6 more weeks like a champ!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Our visitors brought all kinds of things to us from home. I asked Shannon to be my personal shopper for the boys before she came to visit. She did a great job, plus gave the boys these cute green and gold shorts. Sic'em!


Today we reached 104 degrees and the desert outside of Doha was 111. God Bless August! So...guess where we were all day??

Know when to hold 'em! That is Texas Hold 'Em!
You too can rent my husband to be your dealer for your next poker party!
Nick happily volunteered to serve as the dealer for our dear friends' son's birthday party. Jacob turned 14 and his parents had a surprise poker party. Nick taught the boys how to play and enjoyed it as much as they did!
Truth be told, Doha dealers wear shorts and flip flops below the belt. I'm telling you its hot here!
Cute dealer below...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

News in the Watkins family...more cousins, YAY!!