Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hanging in Houston

While staying in Houston we unpacked completely to camp out at Tatty's (Nick's mom) house. They were all set up for us when we arrived. We had our own rooms, drawers and closets. Plus Tatty made sure we had everything we needed from bath soap to swim diapers. We've had lots of fun and given their house a huge dose of two, little, wild, dirty, loud boys! They might need a 6 month break from our invasion.
Kathy and Ronnie's pool and backyard paradise has been used every single day. What a blessing and treat for us to take advantage of while we're here.

Barrett and Tatty found a frog

Lunch outside

The B's and Aunt Mouse (Nick's sister)

Playing in the rain with Aunt Mouse

Dinner at Mouse's House

Sunset and swimming...including Jake. The boys miss Baker and Brody so much. Thank goodness for big yellow labs at both grandparents' houses.

Sun setting on some white booties (aka biscuits) while the B's look for Cooper the kitty. Most of our evenings end with swimming so we strip down and leave the wet suits outside...I can't help but take a picture of those little "bi-kits" as Barrett calls them. I realize my time is limited.

While I was in Waco Tatty took the boys to ride her friend's horse. Barrett wasn't interested but apparently Snoop Brooks loved it.

I have no idea what's going on with his hat. He was very serious about his horse riding. (we've come a long way...a year ago he was terrified to ride a pony)

The boys have so much fun with Aunt Mouse. She always has a little gift or treat for them plus just loves playing with them. She's a teacher and has a gift for preschool age kids.
We're not sure what to do without her in Doha. She was our #1 babysitter and we all miss her.

Nana and Boppa (Nick's grandparents) came over for swimming and lunch. We were so thankful we got to spend some time with them while we were in Houston.

Ronnie and Tatty
(bummer...bad setting on my camera for these pics, plus the boys weren't cooperative)

Playing dress up with Ronnie's boots

"Cheese" and a chicken nugget - more pool time

Can you tell Barrett just finished his dinner?

Tatty took me and the boys to see their very first movie! Ice Age. I wasn't sure how things would go but it turned out to be a HUGE success. They loved the movie and sat still the whole time!

Although they liked the movie I think they liked the popcorn better

We opted for the 3-D version which turned out to be awesome! The actually kept the glasses on. I just wish they made kid glasses.

Thank you Tatty and Ronnie for a great stay in Houston! Your house/our hotel was more than what we needed. We'll be back for many more swims! Thank you for being so patient and accommodating.

Friday, July 24, 2009

JT Time and Bowling

Last week we jumped at the chance to spend the night at Justin's house! What a treat for the boys to get some good rough housin' in! We had a few things to do "in town" Wednesday night and Thursday morning so it made sense to spend the night at the Michaelis's. Shannon and I got the boys rolling and left the rest for Derek. Mr. Derek NAILED IT! He was just what the boys needed at the just the right time. They were missing Daddy something bad. Mr. D was a quick fix. It really is amazing what a little 6'7" testosterone can do for 2 little boys. I wish I had a picture of all of them! Derek put all 3 boys to bed without a prob while Shannon and I enjoyed a night out with my Houston girls.

Patio Seating at Aunt Shani's for dinner


Bathtime with cool bath paints

Dinner with my favorite Houston people!!
I miss these girls so much! Hopefully one day I'll just pop right back to Houston and get them back in my everyday life!
Katie, Me, Kim
Jenn, Tracy, Shannon

JT is obviously the only one following directions to say "cheese"
...banana and all!

Here's the start of the B's acting like wild hyenas for photos! Love it!
Don't worry about the lack of carseats. All's well that ends well, right :)

Firehouse Subs...usually fun if you're children aren't CRAZY!

After lunch we headed to a fun bowling playdate. Bowling with young ones can be fun. Just be aware that they have no patience for waiting their turn and no clue the damage that could be done with that ball.

This dude can bowl and he loves it.

Check out these cuties. They're kinda like our cousins. Their daddy and Anna Lou's daddy are brothers. (how cute are these little bowling shoes!!!)

I love this picture of them. Look at the hair on these sisters. One of each!
The little ones, Lily and Emery are twins.
They're just 18 mo younger than Aubrey their older sister.

Nice form Mrs. Katie and baby Lissie

Sliding rather than bowling

This was a really cool bowling tool. Its for handicap children but is just as helpful for toddlers! Ask for it next time you're bowling with little ones!

Aunt Shani and JT

Hyenas and Mommy!

I was so so thankful to see these sweet friends, Jill and little Ethan. I met Jill as a newly-wed and have treasured her faithful friendship for years! A Houston visit wouldn't be the same without seeing her!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Galveston with the BOYS

Last week the Junod boys hooked up with some of our favorite boys. Our very close friends Stephen and Jenise and their boys moved from Houston to Victoria, TX after we moved to Doha. So we planned a quick trip to Galveston with mommies and boys. Shannon and Justin hosted our party at their family beach house which was perfect for all these boys 3 and under.

Aunt Shani sprinkler"ing" with the boys...

Baby Major...who is no longer a baby!

Golf cart ride

Beach time

Justin feeding the seagulls

Brooks chasing the crazy birds!

I think this picture is awesome. Check out the hot bod and perfect form.

Boys and Bird!

Eating lunch under an old abandoned beach house that was damaged by Ike. Our table was the old foundation.

Perfect view during lunch for 5 boys. Just about the only time they all sat still at the same time.

The beach bunch! We had an awesome weekend in our swimsuits with no make-up, no hair dryers and all BOYS!

Thank you Shan for hosting us.
Love you Livesays and miss you so much!!