Monday, September 5, 2011


The circus was awesome.  Honey and Papa treated me and the boys on Saturday afternoon while Aunt Sissy kept little Georgia.  Needless to say she wouldn't have enjoyed one second of it. But we did and the boys were amazed!
Our favorite act!
Oh the $13 snowcones!  Bless the Papa that can't help it.
Find the circus even more interesting now that I've read the "Water for Elephants" book.  Haven't seen the movie but want to.  I'm completely clueless to the Circus industry but its unique.  I trust that its changed a lot over the years but it seems Ringling has always been the best.  And they were!!  Thank you Honey and Papa for the special afternoon together. 


Middle Matilda said...

A favorite circus story from our family history: my folks took my niece and nephew, along with their parents to the circus. The children were enthralled. At intermission, the lights came on, the crowds stood up, and my nephew said, "that was fun!" So, the grownups eyed each other, nodded, and whisked them out to the car! A fun time was had by all! Not sure when the kids learned there was usually a second half to the circus! :)

Katy said...

so fun!! i really want to take my kids at some point! love those cute elephants. and agreed---after reading Water for Elephants I'm intrigued!!