Monday, September 5, 2011

River Rats!

We weren't the typical River Rat but I could get used to an annual girl's trip to the River.  Back in March one of my best friend Jenise and I started to thinking of a little getaway for the summer.  We kicked around a few ideas and landed on a trip to the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels.  Our sisters would joins us as well as our besties Shannon and Tracy.  Jenise in all her glory planned the entire trip with all details worked out for accommodations, eating, floating the river and shopping the outlets in San Marcus.  Unfortunately Jenise's grandfather passed away just a few days before we were leaving on the trip.  So Jenise and her sister Julianne weren't able to come and they were GREATLY missed.  We barely survived making our own plans and nailing down the details because our trip advisor Jenise wasn't there!!  BUT without a doubt Tracy, Shannon, Ashley and I had an absolute blast. 

Ashley and I drove from Dallas and Shannon and Tracy came from Houston together.  There is nothing like a road trip without children and with your best friend!  So thankful for the precious time Ash and I had together.  

First stop lunch at the River House Tea Room in absolute must! Food was incredible!!
 Shopping in Gruene
Shannon and I in front of our cute cabin (part of Hideout on the Horseshoe
Again our trip planner Jenise picked the coolest place to stay.  Right on the Guadalupe.  Beautiful! 
A look down at the river from our porch.  Because of the drought in Texas, it was barely moving.  We quickly got the wheels turning to figure out a different plan for floating.  It wasn't going to be the Guadalupe.   It was pretty but not moving!
Who knows what we're laughing about but Lord knows she can make me laugh...this was our make shift living area.  And behind us is one of the 3 queen beds. There were 2 separate bed rooms in addition to larger great room where we had a small kitchen, couch and the extra bed.  Thanks to shannon for bringing the sweet chairs!  We needed some extra seating.
That evening we ate at Gruene River grill which was awesome.  We decided against the Grist Mill...I know sinful but it was SO HOT and we have all been there before.  We were happy to try something else and it was great.  That night consisted of some Walmart and CVS shopping and a lot of disappointment because apparently Dairy Queen closes early in New Braunfels. boo! 

The next morning we slept in a little and finally made our way to the Comal River.  We used our own floats which was the only way to go. 
The river was so relaxing with a few spots of quickly moving water.  Even sweet Tracy with baby #4 in her tummy enjoyed the ride!  
Now this is a river pic.  This kind lady from Lubbock took a picture of us between her legs obviously.  What you can't see is the 4 of us beyond her leg.  Gotta love the water camera.  
While temperatures were soaring the water temp was cold and refreshing.  Like take your breath away cold.  Apparently the Comal River is spring fed so its chilly.  The water and surrounding area is clean and beautiful.

This trip would be so much fun with any group.  Girls, couples, families, extended family...its a shame I haven't floated the river more being from Texas. 
Great picture...but proof we were there and had a blast!! 
Finally got our DQ treats after the float. 
and we enjoyed a little white trash, redneck, river rat cheese tray back at the house :)
Two really special best friends came to visit us for the afternoon and for dinner.  Cabell and Amanda both live in Austin and they graciously made the drive south to hang out with us.  I was so thankful!  We ate at the Huisache Grill and it was easily one of my favorite meals all summer. We shared a few things but the blue cheese steak was like nothing else!
Ash, Cabell, me and Tracy
The next morning we checked out, loaded up and headed North to San Marcos for some serious shopping. 
Shannon and I in front of our fave...also where we did the most damage!
I really was truly blessed by my friends this summer.  Another dear Houston friend of mine, Paige now lives in Blanco, Texas and she drove to come shop with us.  I envy her slow paced small town life in the Hill Country.
After an awesome trip with best friends ending with some serious shopping we wrapped things up and I said tearful goodbyes to Tracy and Shannon.  Precious friends that I will cherish forever!  Love you both so much!  And what a gift to spend 3 straight days with my sister and BFF without kids and just hanging out.  Time like that is so bitter sweet.  Love it but always leaves me wanting more!
A few weeks later I hooked up with Jenise and Julianne for dinner.  We missed them so much.  But thankful we managed to squeeze in some mexican food and one last hug before leaving! 
Jenise and me


shannonmichaelis said...

Still living vicariously through your blog posts!

Love the water camera did the rest of those turn out? :-)

MIss you, sista.

Katy said...

What a fun trip! Ok I'm voting we do this at some point!! I love floating the river too and also wonder why I haven't done it more often??