Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lovin our Cousins!

Lots of hanging with our cousins this summer.  So much fun just doing everyday stuff.  We have to load up on our time together to make up for the time we miss with each other.  
Ikea shoppin'
Ikea playin'
That afternoon we got the privilege to go see Uncle Dave at work and check out the McKinney Lions football facilities. Ranks up there with Disney Land for these boys! 
Awesome Uncle Dave taking the cousins on a gator tour
Better than Sonic ice is field house ice! 
Don't worry...just fake injuries and pretty good actors.  Testing the training room out. 
Big time!
Even more fun on the lake again on Uncle Dave's boat this time...
Barrett is ALWAYS talking or singing to himself.  This time he said he was "counting the trees".  ummmK!
 Memories made.  Cousins missed!  Love you Lou Lou and Grammers!! 

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