Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Friends!

Last weekend I was able to spend about 24 hours with some of my very best friends. This special group gets together for a weekend about 2 times every year. Most of the time we have a baby to celebrate and this time it was for baby GIRL Junod. Its obviously just a treat to have some much needed girl time but these sweet friends put together a little mini-shower for me. We were missing Shannon M so our time wasn't the same as usual but she was having a pretty wonderful time in the Big Apple with her husband.

Shannon, Me, Lauren
Ann, Caryn, Katy

These two precious angels joined us for our time together. They are the most recent additions to our collection.
Clark and Julia

Pink/Christmas decor which was so festive and creative.
I still can't believe the pink is for MY own baby...

Everyone brought a girly ornament for me to take home and to decorate this sweet little tree.

The pink cuteness inside these gifts was unbelievable.
No clue what to do with pink but it sure is fun!

We have officially named this little sister Georgia Elizabeth Junod.

After lunch, gifts and catching up all afternoon a couple of girls headed home to Waco and the rest of us did a little Christmas shopping for our kiddos, ate some good food at Uncle Julio's and finished off our evening with the usual dressing room pic. When we get together we always stumble on some of the most interesting outfits, dresses and this time...PAJAMAS. If you're in need of an adult sleeper...head on over to your local Target. We didn't buy them, just laughed and took a picture.

After a full evening we headed home for lots more talkin' and hangin' out in our real PJs.

Thank you sweet friends for a really great weekend. Hugging your necks and seeing your faces was much needed. Plus I feel so blessed to have started my pink collection with you girls! Thank you for a great time. I miss you terribly and am so grateful that my Doha move hasn't kept us from seeing each other. I appreciate your sacrifice more than you know. I love you!
(Shannon we really missed you...I hope we don't have another weekend together with one of us absent! Its just not the same!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BassPro Shop = Boys' Paradise!

We've always known that BassPro was heaven on earth for Daddy and Papa but on Sunday it was an absolute blast for the boys. We could have stayed for hours and hours at the "Fish Store". The store has set up lots of extra fun stuff to do and see for Christmas so we took full advantage. I have a feeling we might be back before heading to Doha.



Remote controlled race cars



BOATS, BOATS and more BOATS (Brooks' favorite)

All smiles...this is what Brooks wants from Santa.

Reindeer Carousel


Old St. tears, no smiles. I considered it success for the most part. Next year we'll shoot for smiles! (Brooks cracked a smile for the photographer but not for long)

Papa and Brooks bought a "party favor"

This wasn't a Christmas gift, just a special BB gun to stay at Papa's house.

What a fun afternoon...we highly reccomend this fun place for kids, especially boys. It was a lot of fun for Papa and the Bees. We really missed our Daddy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

First few days away from Doha...

After a pretty rough flight and travel from Doha to Houston we were so so happy to finally be in Dallas. Needless to say it was all worth it!! We went to sleep about 2:30am after giving Honey and Papa big hugs and literally falling into bed. Thankfully our jetlag issues haven't been all that bad since we missed out on so much sleep while we were traveling.

Our first day home, we got moving! We had a lot of important things to do like get haircuts and buy socks and shoes (we're used to flip flops). It was 26 degrees on Wednesday!

I had a doctors appointment at 1pm to visit with my Dallas doctor and repeat the 20 week ultrasound. Until we got an American confirmation, I wasn't totally convinced we were having a girl. Let's just say we are 100% sure, its a GIRL! Mom surprised me with the pink boa and the cute sign.

Restless is an understatement for these jetlagged boys...and then they just fall over!
Here's a little rest time...they could hardly hold themselves up while waiting for the doc.

Grocery shopping with Honey while Mommy shopped at the Gap.

Unfortunately I've had some problems with the focus on my camera.
The boys met Cousin Graham for the first time. We've talked about him so much, its like he's always been apart of the Hall family.

Poor Graham...

Headlock...practicing what not to do with a little sister.

Modeling new cold weather wear.

On Thursday I got to see one my best friends (Cabell) from highschool and Baylor. She and Ashley have become good friends and have lots of playdates with their little ones. This was the first time I got to meet precious Jude, her newest addition.

Too bad I am camera challenged with the focus...

Adorable Baby Jude

Supper Time at Babe's Chicken!! Is there anything better? Brooks ate like a horse!

Jetlag nap...these happen in the most random places.

Jetlag nap and a little sickness. Poor Brooks has the most sensitive tummy. Change in just about anything throws his tummy for a loop. So poor Brooks got the pukies all day Saturday. No fear...24 hours later he was good to go! Unfortunately that's a usual thing for Brooks.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Dinner at Church

Sounds easy and simple to throw together...IF YOU'RE IN THE US of A!!! All we needed was just one Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge...or Walmart for crying out loud! I was on the planning committee for our 1st ever church Christmas dinner. When it was all said and done...we had an awesome evening of fellowship and all the details came together. Christmas decor is becoming more and more available in Doha, you just never know what you'll find. Most of it looks like is from 1980 but with a little creativity and our own home decorations, we were able to pull it off. What truly mattered was the time we were able to spend with other Believers for celebrating one of the most important holidays of our faith. Its a blessing we're even able to do that in this country.

Outside the villa where our church meets

We had about 300 people attend. We set up for 200 people to eat outside and the others were inside. The tables and chairs were rentals, of course. The rental company insisted we cover up the ugly red chairs...huh?? Seriously, when it comes to taste...Westerners usually have the opposite opinion in Doha. We thought they actually pulled everything together and added to the Christmas spirit :)

We had coloring books made for the kids...which turned out to be a hit.

Me and Dede

LaRoveres and Junods

Kids leading Christmas carols before we ate

We had some of the food catered and the rest was a good ol' church pot-luck! We obviously have expats from all over the world that go to our church. So everyone was asked to bring a dish from their home country.

(Just for the record, I need drugs or something special these days for my children to look at the camera and smile. It really makes me want to rip the picture up...not the children, just the picture...HELP!)

Mr. Jerry and Barrett working on their colors

This was adorable and hilarious too...
An incredible artist on our committee, painted this precious scene for pictures.

Our very own baby Jesus

My Girl and Queen Party Planner for the evening!!

My Man!