Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Erin McCarley

Gotta put in a plug for a sista! Lookout...the next star is Erin McCarley (Baylor Pi Beta Phi sister of mine!) You must listen to her music. She's beautiful and so talented. She's already been heard on Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and more. She's also been on Letterman and is making all kinds of fuss for being amazing! Slightly bigger deal than the All University Sing performances we were so proud have her in!!! Check out her video, website, iTunes, ringtones, etc. She's a star and a great girl! So excited to see her succeed in such a tough business. She's earned it herself and worked hard.



Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chili in Doha

By "chili" I mean CHILI BOWL! I took Brooks to get his haircut today and we came home with a chili bowl cut...seriously??? Seriously we did! It could be worse but its pretty funny and cute too. Doha actually has children's haircut places similar to Cool Cuts for Kids, back at home in Texas. I never know if I'm getting a rookie or a stylist who is good with kids at those places. I asked this kind Phillipeno man to keep his hair long on the top, just trim above the ears, neck and out of the eyes. I guess he did what I asked! He started using the clippers so I told him not to. He said we needed to :) Nick hasn't seen the new "bowl" but he'll like it. He'd prefer that his boys' hair be shorter than the hair on their arms. I obviously prefer a little longer. So glad we have boys for things like this. Coming out with a different look than anticipated is always easier with boys especially when you're in Doha.

Oh and by the way it is "chilly" here. Not cold but chilly. It actually gets very cold in our house because of the cement walls and tile floors. We've been using our space heaters a lot. During the day its 21 degrees C and in the evening its around 14 degrees C. That's around 69 F and 57 F for the English in us all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Day of School

The first day of school is always a pretty big deal. Seems a little different since we're in Doha and its the middle of the year. But, Barrett just started school for the very first time last week. Didn't hesitate a bit on the first day. He loves it! Brooks really likes the idea that they go to school together. These pics are just before Bear's first day at Apple Tree.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


After 3 months our sea shipment finally arrived in Doha. It actually arrived while we were in Texas visiting for Christmas but we put the delivery on hold until Nick was back here to work. So Nick deserves huge props for borrowing a camera and taking pictures on his own. Plus, he did a really good job. The pictures make everything look so neat and organized...uh that's NO LONGER! After the boys and I got back to Doha the crew came to unpack and unwrap what Nick hadn't done on his own. We're currently living in a bit of mess but its so good to see our stuff...no matter how messy. Its weird to see the stuff that left Rustic Fields over here in the desert! We love it! Makes this villa feel more like home. Before our stuff arrived we lived in a furnished temporary villa with very few of our own things. God's perfect timing for stuff to arrive and our return back to Doha was no coincidence. We're excited to be here and make this our home. Swing by anytime :) More to come in future posts about our life as we settled down here in Doha.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tatty and Mickey

Our last few days in Texas were spent in Houston with Nick's mom (Tatty) before flying back to the desert. Tatty went with some of her best girlfriends on a trip to Disney World after Christmas. The boys were thrilled with all their souvenirs. Barrett got a head lock with his.

Texas Wrap Up with Friends


Before heading back to the middle east I got a chance to spend the weekend in Waco with some of my best friends. Shannon is expecting her 3rd on February 6th so we focused our weekend around the arrival of Baby Payton. This precious group makes a point to spend a couple weekends a year together. I've been forever blessed by their friendships and loyalty, especially since moving away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Watkins Family Christmas

Few pics from the annual Watkins Christmas. We're always missing some but there's never a dull moment. Hopefully one Christmas we'll be able to get all of us together!
Crazyness with cousins

Aunt Margaret and Mom

Brian reading Brooks his new book

Aunt Jan and Abby

Uncle Jim and Dad in matching fleeces

Bear and Daddy

Jeff and Luke

Uncle Jimmy and his lovely snowman "something" from the white elephant exchange

Nice...I got a collection of sexy off brand men's colognes

Jake and his lovely snowman platter

Papa's Magic Donut Tree

We can't take credit for this idea but its the BEST. One of my best friends, Jenise shared this idea with me that she grew up doing and our boys LOVE it every single time! Makes for really fun memories with Papa! If you have little ones you should do it just to see their sweet faces...its like Christmas morning all over again.

Brooks ready to pick out the very best donut tree he can find

Papa and The Bees...and the machete of course

Papa cutting down the donut tree

A very proud Brooks with his tree

Finding the perfect growing spot for their tree

Planting the donut tree

Here's the tree all ready for seeds

Barrett concentrating very hard on putting his seeds in just the right place

Brooks placing the seeds (cheerios) on the tree

Barrett prefers to stack his seeds

Showing Honey, Mommy and Daddy

Watch out...bed head alert...AND THE DONUT TREE

Lookie there...that tree "dun" grew donuts over night

Hurry, hurry don't let Buddy eat 'em off the tree

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaylord ICE Show

The Gaylord Texan Ice Show is a must if you haven't seen it. We went the day after Christmas and enjoyed a nice long wait but LOVED the ice!

Brooks and Honey waiting...

Ice Queen...I think Brooks was concerned about her hair.

These pictures really don't show the ice artwork. Its really unbelievable!
We're inside an ice gingerbread house.

Bundled Bees..those that live in Doha don't have warm winter clothes.
Nothing wrong with a pj hat and Baylor hat from the 70's.

Ice Tree tunnel

Lou Lou bundled with her Daddy

Family pic with the ice Santa

Brooks and Papa on the ice slide underneath all the ice reindeer

Life size nativity...Amazing!

Watkins Family