Thursday, September 1, 2011

EZ Skiing!

When Brooks set his eyes on the EZ Ski it was only a matter of days before one arrived on Honey and Papa's front porch.  Thank you Papa!!  He was elated and the boys were even more in love with being at the lake.
First time up...easy peasy!
Georgia and Mommy hanging on to the skiers! 
This thing was awesome!  Why didn't we come up with this brilliant idea.  I'm sure the days of spending endless time and patience in the water with a new skier will come but this is definitely a good step in the right direction. 
Barrett at all times is talking and/or singing to himself. 
Georgia's turn
Sometimes its just easier to go nakey at the lakey!
We were back at the lake within 24 hours to bring Anna Lou up to speed on our new talent! 
Miss Ski America! 
Enjoyed a little picnic at a pretty park on the lake 
Looking forward to lots more fun on the EZ ski next summer!!   

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Jennifer McWilliams said...

that thing is genius! and of course it's easy to go "nakey at the lakey!!!" love. it.