Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun before Farewell!!

I hosted a little going away party for the boys and Georgia at our compound pool on the first day of spring break. We missed a few of our little friends but still had a great and rowdy time.  Whew...lots of boys on a big water slide means CRAZY! But we had so much fun and I'm glad we set aside some time to hand with our compound crew!
First go at it!! Nothin' but fun! 
 G made the climb...
Bees and William
 Georgia and Delaney
 Big crew
 Sweet mamas...Beth, Vicky and Angie
 Litster boys!
 Fun girls...Kristine and Michelle
 MacGregor kiddos!
 Barrett and one of his best buddies, Ryder from school.
 More Al Fardan Compound groupies!
 Kristin, Vicky and Lindsay

Special Doha Peeps!!

Last week my sweet friends gathered up for a few girls night out dinners. It was great to say goodbye or see ya later to so many special people before we move. 
Jen organized a night out at an awesome sushi restaurant with our own private table cut into the floor.  
Cheers to some incredible women who I've had the privilege to serve along side of at church with our women's ministry and/or Mops. 
 Check out this sweet ride Sherry and I ran into on our way to dinner a few nights later.  He was so proud that we wanted a picture.
 Trader Vic's GNO with some precious friends that have truly changed my life in unique ways.  Mentors, loyal friends, true examples of service and of course a blast of fun! 
Alisa, Teresa, Traci and Sherry
 Brenda, Melissa and Pam
 Kelly and Stacy
 Shana, Kristine, Yvonne - AF2 compound sistas!
 Me, Lindsay and Clarissa
 Melissa planned the fun night out and has been doing this Doha life for just about as long as we have.  Our Baylor blood and DFW roots run deep and Doha was just he beginning for us!  So thankful for her family.  Very thankful for her sweet husband Dr. Steve too, who doesn't mind taking idiot medical questions.  We've been blessed to share life with them!
 And a few days later we were celebrating my friend Clarissa's soon little bundle.  Nothing like afternoon tea at the Ritz to welcome a baby into this world...Doha style that's for sure!  Its been a joy to share pregnancy and Doha drama with this sweet girl!  We met in India about a year ago and I haven't been the same since!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


As usual in Doha, Easter weekend feels unlike an American Easter.
Thursday after school we started the weekend off with dying some eggs.   And since we go to church on Friday, our morning service at Grace Fellowship was for both Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.
My big Brooks
 The three!
 And the rest of the weekend was spent just hanging with friends and enjoying each other.  
Nick was off to work on Easter morning but the kids were out of school.  We did a little bunny action!

 After hunting eggs we went to our compound pool to spend the day with our buddies.  The kids had a similar response to the women at the empty tomb when they saw their ASD principal at the pool!!  It was Mr. Heney!!  His family was hanging with some of our neighbors for the morning and enjoying the pool.  Its hard to believe...he actually leaves the school and has a real life!
 Lunch, poolside!
 Cuddle time, movie time and snacks...we made a day of it since the daddies were working. 
 Nick and I wrapped up our day with watching (and crying through) the Passion of the Christ.  God has proven Himself to be ever present in so many new ways since we have lived in Doha.  One of the most significant chains that has been loosened in my life revolves around American culture traditions.  Don't get me wrong...I love some family traditions and fun times but this Easter was a HUGE reminder that when the fluff is stripped away His Spirit, faithfulness, suffering, power and glory are a lot more obvious and of course still there!  I pray that as we move back to the capital of commercialism we can live balanced and less distracted lives that truly honor God. Doha lessons just keep coming! PTL!

We HEART Miss Yamazaki

A few weeks ago we celebrated Barrett's teacher's birthday. She is an absolute treasure to us and will always have a very special place in our hearts.  Kindergarten teachers are truly something special and we've been so blessed.  I'm so glad Barrett was able to only miss just about the last month of school with her.  She has kick started our little Bear's learning!  

We enjoyed the most beautiful cake made by Mohammad's aunt and then gave her a special present. 
 Brooks got a birthday gift like this and LOVED it.  Its a Pinterest idea and was a hug hit with a class full of kindergarteners. (I think the cube kleenex box makes for a cuter presentation but in the middle east the long rectangle is considered the official table napkin always within reach).

Miss Yamazaki was soon leaving on a trip to Thailand over spring break so we sent her with some spending money to relax at the spa. 
Happiest  Birthday to one of the best KG teachers ever!!
We will miss you so much!!