Monday, May 17, 2010

Bidet Bath

We usually use the bidets in our house as the dogs water bowls or to wash little hands/feet. Tonight we took a bath and it worked like a charm. Little Missy loved it and Brody supervised or tried to patiently wait his turn.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodness Gracious!

I have a friend in Houston, Beth who has a wonderful blog. I love to keep up with it regularly because her daughter Genevieve is adorable and because it really encourages me. Beth's blog is a sweet testimony of how God is actively working in her life. About 9 months ago she started a little ditty called Goodness Gracious. And it was a list of "the Lord's goodness and gracious gifts" in her life specific to that week. Some little things and some big things. Ever since then she posts weekly "Goodness Gracious" entries that keep me up to speed with her in a personal way or they've given me a little spiritual boost. I think its an awesome thing to look back on and see how God has provided or been faithful and remember the little things that bring joy. So, if she doesn't mind, I'm going to borrow the least for today, this week or even just this moment in my life.

(Thank you Beth! You're an incredible follower of the Lord and I'm blessed to have crossed paths with you and Rick almost 9 year ago. Hopefully you don't mind me snagging your idea!)

1. Mother's Day plus Brunch. Brooks on his own initiative made me a sweet card at school that his teachers helped him make. Mother's Day to Americans is on a different day than the rest of the world so his school didn't do anything special but he did! Four year old thoughtfulness doesn't come often at our house! I also got B.E.A.utiful flowers and a thoughtful card from Nick. Then to top things off we enjoyed Champagne brunch at the out! I've never in my life seen food be so plentiful and taste so amazing. The boys did great and the Doha Ritz is one of the few that are so family oriented.

2. Amy. She is one of the best friends I've made in Doha and she moved moved back to the US this week. She, Jackie and I spent the morning together getting pedicures, having lunch and enjoying one last time together before she left on Wednesday to fly back to Pittsburgh. Doha won't be the same without her here. She's the type of person people just can't help but be drawn to. She loves like Jesus does. She's got a way of making people feel special and just as important as anyone else. I want to love people like that without hesitation. She also greatly ministered to our entire church by bringing a new and fresh feel to the music ministry.

3. Doha Doctor Friend...Dr. Steve. This week Georgia had a horrible case of baby acne. So bad I thought it might be something else. Thank goodness for our friend Steve. He volunteered to come right over and take a look. He's is a Family Practice doc and is currently working at a prestigious medical school here in Doha. He's a teaching doctor so instead of taking us for appointments he makes house calls. He gave us a quick and easy diagnosis and put our minds at ease.

4. Warm Food instead of cereal. Mother's day evening a sweet lady at my church brought us homemade cheese burgers for dinner. They were delish and our boys ate em up better than anything else! Then my dear friend Donna brought us some more good comfort food the next day. Quiche, homemade mac and cheese plus dessert. Then again, my neighbor and friend Biny just made a little extra chicken one night for us and some of her awesome banana bread. We have enjoyed the blessing of so many wonderful meals since Georgia's been born. Its honestly been the most helpful thing anyone could do for us. I haven't taken a single bite for granted! The goodness of these meals has reminded me to do the same for others randomly or obviously when needed.

5. Apple Tree. Apple Tree Nursery is where the boys go to school. This coming week will be our last before our summer break and heading home. I'm feeling a little sad as we wrap up. I couldn't be more thankful for our experience there. The boys have learned so much and grown in so many ways. I feel like a little chapter in Brooks' educational life is ending. He'll be moving from nursery school to primary/elementary school. Next year he'll go to ASD which feels like a huge step compared to our little sweet comfort zone of Apple Tree. His teachers have been absolutely amazing. Not only teaching him to excel in academics but also teaching him to be polite and responsible.

6. New Friendships. Within the last 6 weeks or so I've been given the the opportunity to spend more time with a few new friends. Just being pregnant blossomed some relationships that I otherwise, might not have. For that I am thankful! This week I had lunch, a few visits, and a baby shower that made me realize how God has graciously given me more and more friends since living in Doha. Unfortunately when we come back to Doha after the summer 4 of my very close friends will have moved. I'd like to throw a big ol toddler temper tantrum about it but God's always been so faithful to provide wonderful friends and those friends are still as close as matter where they live.

7. Comfy. I can't believe we've already lived here 20 months! Nick and I have found ourselves very content, comfortable and thankful for our life in Doha these last few months. Didn't know we would ever feel that way. A year ago I was looking at the calendar and counting down the time til we might be home in Houston. Now...its a different story. First of all, we're thankful Nick has a job. But mostly we're thankful for our simple life here that I've come to treasure. I'm hesitant (and praying) about our time back at home this summer as we jump right back into American culture. Now that I've moved away, I can see from a distance some lifestyle changes I want to make when we're back to the US. I couldn't be more thankful for this time of peace and fulfillment that I know only God has given us. Having Georgia here was an incredible lesson of watching God's hand work in our lives the same here has He would have anywhere else.

8. Few of my favorite things. Sounds silly but its not....since having Georgia I've fallen in love with a few conveniences this time. I have a few of the latest and greatest that I didn't have when the boys were newborns. The MobyWrap, the Miracle Blanket, the :) Hooter Hider, the Snap and Go and the Soothie monkey pacifier. Love them all! Thanks goes to the gift givers and those who have gone before!

9. Sleep. If there's anything I dreaded about having a newborn again, it was loosing sleep and being completely wiped out. Thanks be to the good Lord because so far Georgia has been an amazing sleeper. Every night since she's been born we've had at a least 5 hour stretch. We've even had a few extended with 6 hours and one night with 8 hours. I wouldn't dream of taking any credit for that since I'm not schedule oriented. I'm just so so thankful for restful nights.

10. Broken Collar Bone and Dr. Steve again! It sounds dramatic but I'm actually thankful for a broken collar bone. Just a few days ago we confirmed that Georgia has a broken clavicle or collar bone. Come to find out 2.7 out of every 1000 babies break their collar bone during delivery. Our big girl, did just that. About 10 days ago I noticed a hard bump around her neck. I put off thinking too much about it and then it got the best of my mind so I did a little research and called Steve. Turns out the only thing that helps that kind of break is time. It heals on its own. So by the time Dr. Steve actually took a look at Georgia, I was praying it was a broken collar bone and nothing worse. Looks like we have one tough little girl. Its not bothering her too badly. We're praying it heals back perfectly and we're thankful it isn't anything else.

Steve and Melissa's sweet girls with Georgia
Audrey and Ava

For some reason this week has brought on a lot of thinking which is why I wanted to do this post. I've had a lot on my mind for a variety of reasons. I've not been stressed or anxious, just thinking. I have some tough good-byes this week before leaving. And just the prep to get ready for our summer break is a lot to think about. Its very exciting because we get to introduce Georgia to our family and refuel back in the States but also overwhelming to plan for such a long trip away from Doha. Mostly these days have either reminded me of God's faithfulness or I've just been filled to the brim with joy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Hiatus

We've been on a camera hiatus this week. Sweet baby sister has had the worst baby acne I've ever seen. Thanks to good friends, Uncle Jimmy (our pediatrician in Dallas) and Dr. Steve (Doha doc friend from Houston) we were able to diagnose and confirm it was sure enough, baby acne. Unfortunately doctors in Doha think that giving "any" answer is the right answer...clearly that can't always be trusted. So we stuck to our western roots for this one.

This has been the week from "you know where" in terms of heat. Summer has arrived. The temp in the afternoon is around 105 but it feels more like 110 or higher. All that to say the heat made Georgia's condition even worse. We have such cute warm clothes she can't wear. So with ease we took our first shopping trip to the Gap to get her some cool clothes. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Buying for girls, really is Trouble with a capital T!

Berrylicious was looking a little better yesterday.

This was Georgia on Sunday. It really was awful but didn't bother her at all. Just Mommy!

Miss G..accessories back on

Brooks is so glad he can kiss her cheeks now. We kept our kissing to the hands and feet.

Got a call this morning that the little mister had rice stuck in his ear at school. They were playing in a big bucket of uncooked rice. Barrett said his friend threw it in his ear...uh huh, sure! Nice aim for such a small ear. Thanks to Dr. Mommy's sterilized pedicure tools, the rice was easily removed rather than taking a much dreaded trip to the doc.

The truth...why be distracted with holding a baby when Mickey is on TV.

Just 10 days til we're TEXAS bound...that's if the dern volcano doesn't get in our way!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Just before Georgia arrived so did a new camera :) I have enjoyed it but need to learn a lot more and for some reason having a girl is very motivating. Poor boys...they're just boys! But a girl's gotta look her best so I'm trying to get going with the camera and also my knowledge of editing.

This morning we had planned to meet up with a photographer here in Doha just starting her business. Unfortunately she had to cancel for personal reasons. So Miss G and I tried ourselves. This is the one and only pic we got.