Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baylor Bound!

Last week we decided to make a quick trip to Baylor for the day. Ashley, my mom and I took our kiddos to Bear Country. We were in the car longer than we were in Waco but I wanted the boys to see what they hear so much about.

I sure hope these 3 are Baylor Bound...anyone know where we can get a money tree?

We drove straight into town to dine at one of our faves...Ninfas.

Ann, one of my best friends from Baylor plus her sweet family were able to meet us for lunch.

Then off to the main event...yet such a let down. We were so excited about the Bear Pit but he was sleeping in his cave and we could hardly see him.

Thankfully these 2 bears still had their paws up.
The boys did a quick wardrobe picture so mama Bear could get some sibling shots with our newest addition.

Bear and Anna looking for the Bear.

Ash and Anna

Another important stop was of course the Baylor Bookstore for a little green and gold.
Wow we could have spent a lot of money!

God bless this old building where my dad, Ashley and I thought we might actually die before passing Anatomy. The majority of our BU tuition went to pay for classes in this building. And now, 10 years after I've graduated they are making some updates.

Another wardrobe change...

Since graduating there has been an incredible amount of growth on campus. The most beautiful buildings have been built for academics and athletics. This specific area of campus has a pretty special name.

This is the street that separated me from my BU man 13 years ago.

Nick lived in this house directly across from....

my very first apartment, The Centre 5D or (5Diggity).

We did a drive by of the ever-so-modest apartment, which we called Pete's Palace where I lived my junior and senior year. Lets just say they're a little needy for tenants but its really no surprise when you see what Baylor students live in these days.

Just an example of the "average" off campus residence.

After a full few hours these little bears were tuckered out.

So glad we could take the boys to one of my most favorite places ever!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

Last weekend we had a very casual 4th. But still lots of fun with our cousins!! that picture was hard to get. This is the truth and don't call CPS because I turned my baby girl upside down. We'll pull out all the stops to get Barrett, the tooter to smile and stick around for a picture. I don't know what the big surprise is...there's a camera in their face every day. What's new?

Who's this American beauty?
She's serious about her freedom...

Honey and Papa with their babies!
Anna Lou (2 1/2) Graham (9 mo) Barrett (3) Georgia (2 1/2 mo) Brooks (4 1/2)

Miss you Daddy!!!

Honey and Lou Lou's cake...guess who did the blue berries? And ate them too!

Lou Lou's first try at corn on the cobb...taste just as good when you lick it!

Our Georgia Peach!

Ready for fireworks...about 1/2 hour early!

Shannon and Justin

A few weekends ago Justin and Shannon dropped in for a few nights to hang with us, which was a huge treat! Started our fun off with an afternoon full of Toy Story 3, which we've all been anxiously anticipating.
Shannon outfitted the boys with lots of fun stuff to get everyone super excited.
(thanks to shannon for documenting our weekend together)

No peeking!

All geared up...

Go Time

Saturday morning we played at the pool.

And Saturday afternoon we had a pudding party. I assumed everyone would be super excited with the idea but the boys initially didn't see the potential. Only took a few minutes for the fun to start. It was short lived but still a great big fun mess.

Our crew out to lunch at Cafe Express before Shan and Justin hit the road. What a fun time with our buddies. Great memories made and some much needed quality time with best buddies we miss so much!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Doin' Dallas

So we're not actually "Doin' Dallas" but we're having fun and staying busy at just the right speed. We're enjoying our time seeing friends and making plans as they come up without any stress or running around. We're missing Daddy like CRAZY.
I've got to get back to blogging so he can see what we're doing.

So here it goes:
The Bees just had their very first trip to the dentist. I'm sad to say Barrett is a sugar bug and he's got a little cavity. boo! So we're cutting out juice and sticky snacks. But we had an excellent visit and our new dentist is awesome!

We met some of our dear friends from Doha for dinner as they drove through Dallas.
Nathan, Aunt Biny, Matthew and Georgia

We played with some of our Houston buddies that were visiting their family in Dallas. Jill's parents live in McKinney so we went to swim and play.
Ethan and Brooks

Jill and the boys!

Ethan practicing his "big brother" hold. Jill is expecting his baby sister, Kinley in August.

Me and Jilly

For those anywhere near a Studio Movie Grill...take your kids to the dollar movie Mon-Thurs! We went with some of our favorite dudes the Smiths to see Curious George!

One Saturday night Honey and Papa had a wedding to go to, so we made it a movie night...Georgia included of course! Woody is snuggled up with either a baby doll, a glow worm or our baby sister! Bless her!

Squeaky Clean Baby Georgie!

Honey made a fave...octopus hot dogs.

Picked up Sonic and had lunch with our friends Kristin and Cade.

Cade is due to be a big brother to baby Graham in September.

Papa has got a little project on his hands in the backyard, which is absolute entertainment for the boys every single day. Not only does Papa have spectators, he had hired help for his concrete work.

God bless these sweet ladies we had lunch with. Dede is one of my best friends in Doha and she's from Dallas. Since we're both home for a summer visit we got together with our mamas for lunch. She insisted that we bring the boys. Thankfully Dede is understanding since she has 3 grown boys of her own but that doesn't change the fact that we were running late, I got up from the table about 15 times to do random acts of mother"ness" and conversation was constantly interrupted!

Jaime is probably the oldest friend I keep up with regularly. She and I go WAY back to elementary school and we've stayed close friends all through Plano and onto Baylor and now married with babies. She's so faithful to support and keep up with the details of my Doha life. She and her husband (and girls) were in town from Austin so they came over to meet Georgia and grab lunch.

Her girls and the Bees are a perfect match.

Callie, Georgia and Blair

When 2 brothers ages 3 and 4 are left alone the consequences could be bad. This time they were actually creative which surprised me or actually shocked me. I suppose they gently moved Honey's antique dresser to have a puppet show that they so wonderfully presented to us. The theater is smaller than my lens would allow but you get the idea.

Puppet Show Stars

We also got some quality time with one of my best friends from high school and Baylor. Cabell and her precious babies came spend the day with us.

Jude, Brooks and Charlie
(Jude and Charlie are 14 months apart, although Charlie is 2 going on 22!
So smart and full of expression!)

Cab came loaded with Monster Mits for the big brothers at our house. What a hit!

Meeting Georgia

I have been so gifted (not sure that's a word but it feels like a gift) by the friends who have made such effort to see or are planning to see us since we've been home. It honestly means the world to me. I'm always insecure about the "out of sight, out of mind" concept while we're living in Doha. Thank the Lord for such constant relationships. I'm just one of those people that needs em and loves em!