Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dhow Excursion for Elaine

The Andersons have been extremely hospitable and welcoming to us since we've been in Doha. Unfortunately they're headed back to Scotland (home) this summer. But we've had a lot of opportunities to say good bye with a few parties. Last week we had a girls' night out and cruised on a Dhow boat to spend some time with Elaine.

Doha Haze!

There's a reason why visitors fly into Doha after dark.
Easier on the eyes than during the day.

World recognized - Museum of Islamic Art

I have one memory of Elaine that I'll never forget. Shortly after moving to Doha I needed wardrobe help for Nick's company holiday party so I called Elaine and asked her what to wear and where to shop. She gave me some ideas and mentioned that some of her favorite stores. By the time I went shopping I forgot the name of her favorite shops but felt confident enough to find something that would be OK for my first company event in Doha. Turns out we have similar tastes (we both like Monsoon) and we wore exactly the same thing!!! Literally everything was, black, pearls, wrap, purse, etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We certainly haven't mastered Doha life, we're not graduating or moving on but we've got some senior"itis" workin' these days! Most everyone around has "anywhere" but Doha on the mind. As usual no matter where you live, the end of school is busy, plus since we're surrounded by Expats so this time of year is when many families move on to a new assignment. So we're busy wrapping up school, sadly saying good bye and getting ready to pack our bags!! In the mean time, I must be day dreaming about green grass, Sonic Vanilla DC's or Lupes while Brooks and Barrett do something about their boredom. Seriously where am I when things go NUTS-O in our house??

Just wake up your brother and attempt to move him AND
his (heavy) crib into the living room. Didn't fit through the door so let's jump!!

Secret hair product...sunscreen and sweat!
Its 114 today...just shave it off.

Ciao...perfecting his Italian look

Brooks "washing dirt" in the bidet....great idea!!!

The count down has begun...2 1/2 weeks til Honey and Poppa come to Doha, 3 1/2 weeks til we enjoy our hearts out of Italy, and 5 1/2 weeks til HOME SWEET HOME! Texas here we come!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rise and Call her Blessed!

Our weekend has been a bit odd, considering its Mother's Day. As usual, we don't do "the usual" here in Doha. Its Sunday and we're back to work and school. This day has always been important but there's something special about today that I can't describe. To say that we miss our moms and family is an understatement but what's been heavy on my heart today is how thankful I am for our incredible moms. Not only are they incredible women, they truly have impacted OUR lives as MOTHERS for where we are in Doha, Qatar. Considering such a big move, we wouldn't be here with peace and joy that only God can give.

Kathy, Nick's mom has influenced him and directed him into the man I dearly love and respect. His determination, drive, and honor is a direct result of the mother she is. She encouraged him in the perfect way to give him confidence and security to follow God's lead all the way to Doha with his family. If you know her, she has incredible work ethic and the ability to stick it out when things get tough. Thank the Lord for her loving example and what she taught her son. Not to mention, her prayers, support and encouragement as we dive into this Doha journey.

If someone would have told me or my mom that the Junods would be living in the Middle East right now, we would have said "you're out of your mind". God has been prepping us for this move all along. Thank goodness for His provision and what he instilled in me through my sweet mom. She is a woman of prayer and Godliness that one day I hope I can attain. No doubt she has had the greatest influence on my life and I pray I can do 1/2 as much for my boys. Not once has she doubted, but always encouraged our decision to come to Doha. Our unusually close family didn't hesitate to support our move. Although hard, she has always "let go" and let God work. I want to hold on so closely to my boys that I can't imagine shipping them off to another country (especially with my grandchildren). Her faithfulness and love for me has given me the strength to do this move with ease.

So this Mother's Day goes straight to the heart of what a blessing our mother's have been and how thankful we are for both of them. They've raised us right. Our number one mission is to follow the Lord. We've definitely made mistakes but this Doha mountain is a place of peace and comfort because we know we are where we are suppose to be. Without our moms we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be the individuals we are as a mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, daughter and son.
Like no other time before, we're so proud of you and honored to be your son and your daughter, as
"your children we rise and call you blessed"
Proverbs 31:27

Please don't kill me for these pictures. I know they're not great but they represent monumental moments. Both were taken with tears in our eyes as we gave you one last hug before the big move. I'll never forget them.

For my Mother's day we had fun as a family and I didn't have to cook a thing. Plus all 3 of my boys gave me a new Ryrie study Bible which was a great surprise because its something I've been wanting. Its truly a gift to be a mommy to my Bees. These boys are my everything! I'm trying as hard as I can to live my life to serve them and their daddy with the help of God's grace. What a privilege it is!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Featured Wedding...

Last August we were ALL honored to be apart of Julie and David's wedding. I didn't blog at the time so now's my chance to tell about this incredible event and special day for us.
AND it was just FEATURED on a popular wedding website/blog,
Style Me Pretty.

The Ross Family has been best friends of the Watkins for over 15 years. When Julie and David asked Brooks to be in their wedding, I thought they were joking. Turns out they weren't :) so we followed through with getting a tux and practicing and praying a lot :) My prayers were answered...Brooks successfully made it down the isle (with some serious bribing) and didn't completely ruin Julie's special day. He actually did a great job considering he's so shy and doesn't care too much for attention. Ashley was a bridesmaid so this truly was a family event. It really was an honor to be apart of such a special wedding.

To say that this was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to would be a rude understatement. It was incredible! And it was just as sincere as it was beautiful. Julie and David are both real, authentic people. Their priorities and love for the Lord were evident and purposeful that day.

Honey and Brooks after the wedding on our way to the reception

Brooks got black Converse from David (as well as the other groomsmen)
Such a great idea!
Can't beat Coke and Converse!

Junods, Johnsons, Halls

The FEATURE actually belongs to my dear friend Kristin, in Dallas. She and her company helped plan every detail of the wedding and reception. They knocked it out of the park and kicked tail!!! Check them out and contact AKDesign for your next event! You won't be disappointed!
Kristin and Me

You must see some highlights and details from this incredible wedding and reception plus a few snaps of Brooks, check out the
FEATURE and this great website...

Oh and instead of Where's Waldo???...its Where's Wendi???

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bowling Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated Donna's birthday by bowling at the local Qatari bowling center. All of us were surprised that the place was so nice, clean and perfect for families. The boys absolutely loved their first bowling experience. We'll be back!

Birthday Girl and Me...
Can you believe she's in her 40's?? Pretty awesome or is it sickening!?

Little bowlers comin' right up...

Macie and Brooks

He's so cool he's walkin' away. Just checking to make sure though.

He's focused and very serious...this position runs in the family, especially by a certain Coach Watkins on the football field! Looks way too familiar.

Chow time...and it was good!

"Boys, be careful with those balls, you don't want to smash your finger...and say cheese"

Done! I know its not nice but this picture makes me laugh. Brooks face is priceless! I didn't intend to capture the pain but its real. Barrett could care less. He's just waiting for the next ball to smash his finger.

Birthday Girl and her delish cake!!!

I had to post this picture b/c I have to remember this gift. Donna and I saw this at a very strange store. We're still not sure what it is...some kind of natural healing instrument that removes toxins, I guess. It suctions to your skin. The pictures on the box are a little disturbing. Made for a great gift :)

Happy Birthday to Donna!! One of my most treasured blessings in Doha. A year ago Donna and I lived less than 5 miles from each other in Houston but it took moving to Doha for God to bring us together. Before moving I prayed God would give me one friend that I really could connect with...he answered my prayer 2 days after I moved to Doha! Not only did He bless me with a friend He blessed our entire family. We love all the Duncan crew. Donna, thank you knocking on my door 6 months ago. I'm so thankful for you! You're the piece of home I need and your thoughtfulness never goes unnoticed! Happy Birthday!