Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pre- Georgina

Last night I was up for a while with what I think was "false labor". Painful contractions but only lasting for about an hour or two and not very often. I eventually fell back to sleep and had a very normal day. Thanks to my sweet friend Jennie and her mom, we got this Pre- Georgina picture tonight.

Haven't figured out what her nick name might end up being but Georgie, Georgina, Georgia Liz, G-Liz, etc are all in the running...the only thing we know for sure is that its NOT George.


Last week I had my 36 week doctor's visit along with a somewhat urgent ultra-sound. My placenta has been very low and we were concerned it might not get out of the way for Miss G. The low placenta isn't a threat unless bleeding occurs and it also requires a automatic C-section no matter what. Much to my surprise and my doctor's...we are in the clear and it appears after seeing a detailed ultrasound that normal labor and delivery will be just fine for Georgia whenever she's ready to make her appearance. God's been gracious and patient as I've had some ups and downs in the last few weeks. No surprise He's been more than faithful and provided just who or what I've needed as reminders that He's in control.

Georgia is due April 23rd, but because I've had early babies with both Brooks and Barrett we are scheduled to induce on April 15th. I actually asked my doctor if she would induce for a few reasons but mostly so we could try to plan Georgia's arrival and Honey's arrival around the same time. Honey will be here on the evening of April 9th. I had a good experience when Barrett was induced so I'm up for the challenge this time. However, I really don't think Georgia Liz will be that patient. Almost daily I wonder if "today is the day". I've had some random contractions as well as the usual Braxton Hicks. I'm not miserable but feeling the END and more than ready. I mostly want our Honey here because she takes such good care of ALL of us. I will be very disappointed if she missed Georgia's birthday but I really just can't wait for her to be right here in our house doing what she does best!!

Last week when we were having an ultrasound the Radiologist switched his machine to 4D...I had no idea it was possible on the machines here. I got very excited and he was so kind to try to catch a glimpse of GE's little face. We waited for the cord to move and for her to stop sucking her thumb and then this...tongue out and chubby cheeks. Normally they don't give us printed pictures here but I begged for just one and he actually caught this expression. Its a little bit hard to see but there's no missin' those cheeks!

This miracle is more than I can bare some days. I can't wait to hold our sweet baby girl and watch her in the arms of her sweet Daddy. The day is near. We love you to pieces little Georgia. See you very very soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Amy - Thai Style!

Amy is one of my Doha BFFs from Pittsbhurg. Her spirit is one you can't refuse. She's so fun and laid back. She has an incredible love for the Lord and He's blessed her with a beautiful voice which she uses for His ministry. She's a keeper! I've told her she has to pack me in her shipment if she moves home before I do. Hopefully our stay in Doha will be about the same. She's my co-partner in parenting crazy wild BOYS! So, a few days ago we got together to celebrate Amy's birthday in the KITCHEN. We took a Thai cooking class. It was so much fun and mostly just delicious!!!
Amy, Chef Linly and me

Chef Linly is a professional caterer. Her food is unreal...absolutely the best!! She teaches daily classes in her home where she does all of her cooking and catering. First up, serving us tea and welcoming us into her home. She went over details for the recipes and all the ingredients. I find it pretty miserable to do grocery shopping in Doha...she sure seemed comfortable with the idea of driving all over town to 3 or 4 stores (plus down to the water for fresh seafood) for all her special ingredients. I think I need an attitude check.

Not only does she spend a lot of time shopping with a good attitude she grows a lot of her own ingredients, including bean sprouts in her cabinets. What? My cabinets are no where near sanitary for growing anything...nor organized enough.

First up on our menu...Spring Rolls

Trying our hand at rolling the Spring Rolls...Jennie and Jackie got positive remarks from Chef Linly. She was quite specific about how it should be done and didn't hesitate to point out our imperfections.

Amy had problems! Her burrito shaped spring roll wasn't accepted! We definitely got in trouble a few times for laughing and talking too much. We were serious about the eating and a little relaxed about the cooking :)

Amy and Jennie - spring rolls ready to fry!

Next up on our menu was Chicken Pad Thai...hello yummo!

Also on the menu was Cashew Chicken...another Winner!

Last thing to do in the kitchen before chowin' down was to fry the spring rolls.

Our group minus Jennie the photog.

Chicken Pad Thai

Cashew Chicken

Checking out her gardening on our way out.

We had such a fun time celebrating Amy's birthday and learning how to cook Thai food. Hopefully I'll try my hand at these recipes although the idea of calling Linly to do the work is pretty heavenly! I encourage all of my Doha friends to call her regularly for parties or just a simple dinner with friends. Just be sure to call in advance so she can shop especially for what you want.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Singing Dunes Spring '10

This was our first trip to the Singing Dunes for 2010...we've been plenty of other times and we'll be back lots more. We truly live in the World's Biggest Sand Box. I honestly can't believe that playing in sand never gets old for our boys or any other kids. A few of our close friends in Doha that are newbies hadn't been to the Singing Dunes so we planned an afternoon of it. The sand is very unique. It actually makes a humming sounds as it the grains rub and slide against each other. So as you come down the dunes you can hear the "singing". Pretty amazing but to "come down" means you've worked really hard to "go up". The pictures can't truly show how steep the dunes are or how deep you sink into the sand when trying to climb. Let's just say I've done it a couple times and I think I'm good to go.

Dede and Jennie (the newbies) half-way up the dune...feelin' the burn but determined!

Brooks on his way up. He went to the top 2 times...no problem. Must be nice to weigh 35 lbs.

Lots of Bees...Brady, Brennan, Brooks and Barrett

More bees (for heaven's sake)...Baker and Brody!

I always think the idea of going to the Singing Dunes is funny because once you've done it...there's nothing more to it. We just drive out to the desert and circle up to stare at the huge dunes. We do make the most of it with food and fellowship...its just a strange concept when you're from Texas...or anywhere really.

Bear just hanging out with his Gatorade! Took him a while to get into that chair which was pretty hilarious.

US military plane flew overhead.

Nick doing his own dune bashing. He was determined to take his FJ up and over. This was the warm-up.

This is getting stuck the first time.

But eventually he made it down and picked up a few kids. NOT OUR'S!

Trying again but the sand is too soft...

Brian (Nick's boss) and Nick contemplating what to do about the problem. They're stuck!

Eric and Steve took off to help...

but no need... They made it.
There was no chance Nick was going to leave that afternoon having not fully accomplishing his goal.

And he's obviously proud of it!

Prepping for grazing and grilling...
Dede, Sue, me and Jennie

Nick, Jerry, Malcom, Eric, Karen

Me, Amy, Melissa, Biny, Jennie

Little cricket to pass the time while waiting on the fire.

Me and my Bear.

I know this is a bit much but the red potty in this picture is what makes it funny. I bought this extra potty to have on hand for downstairs or in the car. It looks like a hungry hippo (lid included) and it works like a charm. Here's Barrett looking at the stars and taking his time...if you know what I mean. He was so proud of himself.

Campfire time...

Thank you Dede for letting me snag a few of your pictures.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This last week has been a BIG one at our house for both of the Bees!
Last weekend Brooks told us he wanted to "take his training wheels off so he could ride his bike on 2 wheels". So Daddy and Brooks got to work...

Daddy held the bike so he could take off and that he did...never fell just got after it. He sure was ready! He's yet to have a bad fall. BUT he rides like a mad-man! I'm so glad we live on a cul-de-sac.

He refers to the training wheels as his "trophies".

And Barrett mastered the art of potty training last week. Ahhh!! Literally its been a gift from Heaven!! I wanted to give it a try before Georgia arrived but I was more than willing to go back to diapers if he didn't catch on or seem interested. He actually didn't show any signs of interest verbally so I started off with a bad attitude.
TMI for most but just for my record...The first day was challenging, of course. Barrett spent most of the day watching TV while I watched and forced him to sit on the potty. We had a little success but it was rough. The next day was completely different...I took a more laid back approach without forcing and ta-da...DONE! He stayed home a total of 2 days and then went back to school. Day one back at school wasn't completely successful, again because they were forcing him to the bathroom. BUT the next day they left him alone to go on his own, plus rewarded him with stickers and ta-da...again! He has been accident free since 5 days now. I've never been more thankful! He doesn't need a diaper during nap and wakes up dry most mornings. Obviously every child/boy is different. I can confidently say he's potty trained and it wasn't anything I did! I definitely think waiting for him to turn 3 had a lot to do with it, plus Brooks' encouragement BUT mostly divine intervention :) Thank you Lord!

Doha has the funniest undies for boys. They're all bikini...not Nick's favorite to see on his boys :) But because Bear is a little bit of a squirt for his age they look a little baggy. Needless to say the cheap little screened on Spiderman still does the trick for this boy. He loves em!

Little blue biscuits! The End!