Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 3 with Friends!

Our last two days in London were spent with friends.   A little less walking and a little warmer.  Nick was working Wednesday through Friday all day so we made plans to get out of the hotel. Wednesday we met up with Christine and Megan in Covent Garden (my favorite area of town)!  We started off at the Transport Museum which came highly recommended by everyone!  Christine pulled Megan out of school and took the train into the city.  We were all so so thankful to have a little more time with our friends.

Covent Garden where the decorations were amazing! 
Lunch where we were not ashamed to pull out any available Apple products to keep people quiet. 
This is one of the Chapman's favorite coffee places, Nero...and now its mine, all because of the Amaretto latte. 
Took the bridge to walk Megs and Christine back to their train station.  
On our way back to the hotel we stopped for a ride on this beautiful carousel, in what I think its called the South Bank area.  Its right on the river near the Eye. There were little Christmas markets set up.  It was like a movie, once again.
After Daddy finished with work, we took a taxi and were dropped off for dinner.  Every where we looked was WAY too sophisticated for us and the 3 babes so we walked some more and decided to just go ahead to, Winter Wonderland.   A popular Christmas festival in Hyde Park full of incredible food and drink, ice skating, rides, entertainment, games, etc.  Since the British schools weren't out for the holiday it was line-free but plenty full of adults enjoying some mulled wine after work :)
I don't have a picture of our dinner which was mouthwatering!  Real Belgium waffles and German sausage.  Good lordy! 
The boys enjoyed a few rides.  No fear. 
Brooks and Daddy screaming!
Barrett and I loved the bumper cars. 
One last game (almost injuring the poor guy working the booth). 
That finished up day 3 in the city!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 2 in the City

Up and at 'em back on the Red Bus and headed for Tower of London on Tuesday.   We caught breakfast at a little cafe.  Not sure why I didn't photograph the typical English breakfast complete with baked beans.  It was all delish! 

Our drive through the city took a while but we saw some some neat places...
Everything looked so very Mary Poppins and WAS...these are some spots where they filmed the movie.
Tower of London
Beefeater funny and fascinating! 
 Outside of the castle in front of the Bridge
The Tower tour and exploring took our entire morning.  We were starved so we grabbed lunch at Wagamama and headed back to the Red Bus stop. While we waited these poor desert dwelling boys enjoyed some running and playing the leaves. 
Eventually the bus quits touring and people like us have to get off.  We hit Regent St. and Oxford St shopping and seeing all the lights.
The famous London toy store...Hamleys.  I will say, it lived up to its reputation!
Not snowing in London but it was snowing at Hamleys, of course! 
Lots of costumes and Christmas decor.
More Legos in the window
This is where the little legs got very tired as we tried to find a good place for dinner.  We just kept walking and walking but always running into pretty  ights or fun things to see.  Finally we hit a London McDonalds which was totally swanky but we still only purchased Happy Meals and carried them to a restaurant a little less American for Nick and Indian food :) 
Barrett Street!! 
We walked and walked all the way to our hotel which was a haul after a full day!  I am still so proud of those little boy legs!