Monday, August 29, 2011

Townley Togetherness!

After unpacking at Honey and Papa's our Arkansas family arrived for a few days.  Jerry and Terry (my mom and her sis) have always been close which in turn has kept Ashley and I close with Sharon (our cousin).  We keep in touch frequently but make a point to see each other every summer.  2 sisters, 3 cousins and 8 little cousins!  Its crazy but so much fun!!
Papa squeezin in a little football
Spent the day at the pool with the little cousins while Mom and Aunt Terry had a sister-day-out.
Anna Lou and Courtney 
Big Brother
Whitney and Georgia getting their chance at a bath.  Bath time was CrAzY!
Anna Lou didn't want to miss out on any fun so she stayed for the slumber party! 
Always good stuff comin from the kitchen!
Our crew with Aunt Rosie (my grandmother's sister) 
Papa put together a little backyard bonanza for all the kiddos
The heat was insane, which only means one thing. time in the A/C. 
We spent one morning at the indoor safari in Plano.  Pretty cool place if they had more employees! 
We thought these were pretty loved them. 
Why not?  And why not take her picture!?
Riding the train...
Poor Graham...he thought he wanted to go and then changed his mind. 
 Taking a cousin picture sounds like such a great idea...if its cool weather and your kids are robots!
Love all those sweet ums! 
Aunt Terry and Sharon have been so faithful to pray and support us while we live in Doha.  They are such special people to me and I'm so so thankful we can get together every summer.  Although oceans apart they don't make it feel that way.  There is nothing like loyal loving family.  I love you Arkansas peeps!!  We enjoyed every second of our visit!! 

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Katy said...

I just love your sweet family! All you girls! ;)

And---love the sunny cousin shots. Treasures when you're looking back someday!