Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Supper with Mark

Last night we had our last supper with Mark. His family is already in Houston waiting for a wonderful reunion in their new home! He flew out of Doha with dog, Barley back to Texas just a few hours after we said our farewells. The LaRovere's will now reside just seconds away from our old stompin' grounds in Cypress, Texas! We're thrilled they'll be in reaching distance when we're home to visit but we totally ticked off that they moved away!!! Seriously, I'm having a few issues.

We enjoyed a good old American Fave, although they offered us Fudd's Iftar Special. Thought this was interesting. Ridiculous amount of food for a pretty decent price.
(drink, soup, appetizer, burger, and dessert for less than $20)

Georgia telling Daddy to stop working and get off his Crackberry!

Mr. Mark getting some baby girl love before he heads home to his little boys.

So I guess its real. They're really gone. We love you and will miss you so much. God's best blessings to this sweet family who will be life long friends.


Shannon said...

Crackberry....NEVER heard this and OH HOW I LOVE IT! So so true!

shannonmichaelis said...

Another chapter has come and gone - so thankful you made some winners of friends to take with you after this journey! Praying for a new season of friendships, however they fill you up or vice versa...

Jackie said...

We miss you guys so much already! Your friendship means the world to us and you will never know how much you've impacted our lives. Just so you know, I'm having issues too!!! Love the pictures!