Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He's a Dragon!

And now's he's a ASD Dragon! The American School of Doha is where Brooks proudly walks into school every day. We are so excited to be apart of such an incredible school. Its honestly a privilege to go there and we are blessed. ASD is a private school...proabably the only private school our children might ever go to...the Baylor money tree needs to start producing or else!
This is a snap of Brooks and the Dragon at "Meet the Teacher" day. As the year goes on I'm anxious to take more pictures as a reminder of how Americanized this school is. Its one of the very few places in Doha that feels like it could be smack dab in the middle of Houston, Texas. Gotta love that feeling when you walk in the door.

After we met Brooks' teacher we went directly to the uniform store to purchase what Brooks has to wear for P.E. He had that thing on before we were home! I hope P.E. turns out to meet all his expectations. He's pretty pumped! Not a great picture since the humidity attacked my camera when we walked outside.
Emery and Brooks in their PE Dragon Uniforms

First, roarin', ready to go!

I'm trying to be intentional about taking notice of how fast my babies are growing up! Its easy for me to get caught up in the day to day blah and miss out on little things that prove to be monumental moments for these sweet ones.
Going to ASD this year was a big step and might soften the blow for when this little man starts Kindergarten. I was feeling a little sad about such a smooth big boy day!

I realizedthat Brooks has literally grown as a person. Not just grown physically but he's developed a sense of confidence I've never seen before. I was so proud and so sad at the same time. Just a teeny baby step of sending him off and helping him to be more and more independent. Ugh...I'd rather not! A year ago, I might have tagged him as the "shy", "nervous", "scared" or "behind the scenes" type kid! Not any more. He's still cautious but no doubt confident.

Brooks and Mrs. Chaplin.
Mrs. Chaplin is from South Africa. She's unbelievable. Brooks regularly tells me what she talks about at school and I'm lovin' it! She kinda reminds me of a Mary Poppins...runs a tight ship but super cheery!

Brooks and his cubby.

One last good bye from the rest of the gang.

One day I will look back at this and wonder what I was doing with my hair? That would be NOTHING! Not because there wasn't time (although it was limited) but because its a waste of time and not worth the effort. I can't begin to describe the heat and humidity of Doha so I'll let my hair do the talking! (highlight and cut coming right up!)

This pic is at the Elemtary School entrance after picking up our little Dragon on the first day. See the 2 little dudes squinting and the stroller. Its so bright and did I mention hot? Not like oven hot, more like bonfire hot! There's no going inside to pick up the PreK kids from their class. We wait outside, thankfully in the shade until each teacher escorts their class out to the parents or nannies in a lot of cases. And the parking lot is crazy. Its like parking on the moon as my friend Biny would say. It just a rocky, white"ish", sandy surface with no organization. Lots of the kids have personal drivers and like any other place in Doha, people drive and park how they wish! No doubt my car will be bruised in that lot!

Its worth every bit of hassle and traffic to get the Dragon to school.
He loves it and we're excited to be there.

How bout this little muffin!

Dragon and Muffin!

These are my first ever edited photos. Just getting my feet wet with photo editing and I could use all kinds of help.


Kristin said...

I love seeing sweet little (or big should I say) Brooks at school!!!! So grown up!! Precious pictures of Georgia...great editing. I'm so impressed!

Gayla Harris said...

We miss ASD! What a great school! Great pics as always.

shannonmichaelis said...

Love all the photos with the Harris'! Georgia in that post looks more like her daddy than ever! Love the lil Dragon at your house. No, you won't look back at your hair unless you start developing the 1000s of digital photos from the last 3 years. Can't believe Brooks is so big boy and so confident - love it. Love the moon parking lot - so Doha. And edited photos look great - noticed right away. That second to last one of Miss G rocks!

Anonymous said...

These are special days for sure!

angie said...

What a big boy! Seriously how is so grown up all the sudden?? I love the dragon and that you have a wonderful school for him to attend---I know what a answered prayer that is! I also love miss Georgia and her beautiful bows.

Heitzmann Jennifer said...

We are running parallel paths right now sister...the photo editing is stealing way too much of my time right's so fun! Your photos look great! And "muffin"...I've just started calling Hallie that's so much fun, since I usually just want to eat her up anyway. Miss all the posts!

Shannon said...

First of all, don't know what in the heck you were talking about with the hair comments. I loved it! And you haven't seen "needing a cut or highlight" until you have seen this head of staw! YUCK! Those boys seriously get more handsome with each picture you take. I love your little Dragon! Miss G is still just a spitting image of her daddy. She is so stinking cute and you know I love the bows!