Friday, August 13, 2010

Continued Highlights...

Better late than blogging has been put on the back burner but I've got to catch up before I forget such special memories of our summer 2010. These are continued highlights from our stay in Little Elm with Honey and Papa!

Miss Georgia

So, Aunt Tracy (one of my best friends from BU and Houston) gave Georgie this adorable kini because she insisted it was for her competition as Miss Georgia! Sash included!!!

I'm not the only one here to prove that a baby girl is possible after 2 crazy boys!
This could be real trouble if left alone for too long. Gotta love boys...this was their first time to meet and they were instant buddies!
Jarrett and Jefferson with Brooks and Barrett!

I was so glad I had a chance to catch up and spend time with Beth and her family. She and I share a lot of growing up memories from mission trips, youth group and school. We were the only "East" side girls who drove across Plano with our families to go our church. I'm thankful we've stayed in touch and now share a very similar household!!

Georgia went to see Uncle Jimmy for her very first "well baby visit". Poor baby! We saved her shots for the USA :) This office is amazing...incredible nurses and an awesome staff. Everyone in Dallas should be going to Pediatrics of Dallas to see Dr. Watkins!!

We may not have a yard to mow in Doha but Papa put Brooks to work and he was happy to help.

Papa and Brooks also worked on some football...


He's only 3 so I can post this picture. I found sweet Bear sound asleep a little after midnight in this position. He made it to they potty...but the pants didn't make it back up or back to bed.

Haircuts (plus a little product thanks to our local SportClips)

Papa's little helpers...covered patio, comin' right along as the days go by!

Little bit too much fun in the bathtub.

Brooks and Wyatt taking a flying leap

I couldn't have been warned enough about the wild"ness" of boys. Thank goodness for best friends who have boys as well. Not only are they great company but I always feel relieved after hanging around with other boys. They're all the same but I'm still shocked...must be the all girl house I grew up in.

After rough housing we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
Wear the hat...get a free sandwich.
Shannon, Payton, Shea and Claire

Boy table (Brooks Barrett Stacey and Wyatt)

Girl table (Caryn, Shea, Clair, Me, Shannon and Payton)


Kelley said...

Oh Wendi, I laughed out loud when I saw Bears trip to the toilet!!

Sharon said...

Seriously, that pic of B and the potty is HILARIOUS!!!

Caryn said...

Oh my goodness, well lets just dive right in, the bikini - are you kidding me - nice one Trac! Maybe the cutest bathing beauty EVER, Seriously I about died. Bear asleep on the bathroom floor, classic - and while I haven't had that exact experience the pants up business seems to be a tough one for the Wy Guy too. And I LOVE the action shot of Wyatt and Brooks, precious. I am missing you SOOOOOOOOOO much, not sure if 10 O's in so really expresses it, but really missing having you in D-town. We find out Tuesday just how much more "wildness" I can expect in my future. :) Love you.

Shannon said...

Looks like I'm #3 to comment on that HILARIOUS picture of Barrett! It's one for the record books. We miss you already, but I am so thankful for the fun times I got to spend with you while here. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Love the bikini! Aunt Biny is happy to have more photos! And Bear's biscuits! That is one tired boy. Brooks looks so OLD with his big boy hair-do! Love it! Keep those photos coming.

Kristin said...

It's a toss up between "Miss Georgia" and B asleep on the bathroom floor. That picture made Keith and I laugh out loud. Love it!!! Miss you being here!!!

The Berridges said...

So glad we were able to share in your crazy summer! Thanks for sharing the picture of Barrett. Brett and I are laughing out loud! Glad ya'll made it home safely! Hopefully the jetlag will be gone soon. Love ya!

Jackie said...

OK! These pictures are precious! Georgia looks so sweet in the picture with Uncle Jimmy! And her bikini!! :) Love it!! And Barrett by the potty is too funny...ya'll crack me up! Missing you guys more than you know!! Seriously! Keep taking lots of pictures so we feel like we're there with you. Love you!

Sybil K said...

Love all your pics, of course, BUT the bare butt Barrett pic takes the cake! That's one for the books, girl.

Duncans in Doha said...

Poor Barrett! That is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

Sweet G, can she be any cuter? She could win a pageant in a heartbeat!

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh my word, my mom and I fell off the couch laughing at the photo of Barrett! And Miss G looks great in her first beauty pageant! Those gelled haircuts, learning to catch a football, and all the rambunctous boy playdates rock! Love these photos!

Kacey said...

That bikini!!!.... I have never seen anything so precious!!! I love that you got to have such a great time with all the boys. Ps. I'm super impressed that he made it to the potty that tired:)

Katy said...

I mean, that teeny bikini is toooooooooooo much sister sue!!! you know it!!

i could not get enough of those pics! precious!!

and yes----little B man konked out on the bathroom floor. absolutely hysterical. that will be one you look back on forever! miss you!!!!!!