Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come Sip and See Georgia

My sista and mama insisted on having something special for Georgia since we were home. So they graciously hosted a casual "Sip and See" for us one evening. While Papa took the dirty stinky boys away we had a perfectly pink party with a few close friends! As usual these girls threw a pretty stinkin' cute little shin-dig.
Queen of the Night!

Started the party with a power nap!
Bless the poor baby who had a double ear infection!

Cute party favors!

Delish pink desserts...

Ash, Julie (cousin) and Me

Ash and I practically grew up with these ladies who are so special to us. They have or do all teach preschool at my mom's school so they will always be known by their preschool name.
Incredible women and prayer warriors!
Mom, Mrs. Missy, Mrs. Carol and Mrs. Patsy

Ashley, Mrs. Creed, Ashley

Velma, Mira, Kathy smiling at Georgia

Missy and Carol

Aunt Margaret with Georgia, Miss and Sharon

Aunt Jan, Amanda. Julie

Velma, Mom, Mrs. Lynette, Mira, me, Kelly and Becky

Cabell, Me, Jill and Tracy

Tracy, Kristin, Caryn, Shannon

Last but certainly not Doha bestie, Jackie has moved back to Texas. She was staying with her mom in Burleson and she drove over an hour to come see us!

Georgia Liz and I are blessed beyond imaginable to be loved so much by you 2!
Thank you for our first girl party!


Sybil K said...

Georgia is one beautiful little lady and so blessed to have so many beautiful women in her life! Wendi, are you a photographer? Your pics are always so perfect!

Anonymous said...

I want her!!! Send her to Aunt Biny!

Heitzmann Jennifer said...

You were SOOOO born to be a girl's mommy! Look at the precious dress you have on's only one of many I'm sure. Love the Watkins event planning...looks like every detail was attended to as usual! I think there's a business in there for you ladies :) Wish I had been there to be a part of the hostess team, or at the very least celebrate such an amazing blessing for your family! Know that I'm celebrating on a daily basis when I see her cute smiling face on my fridge! Love you!

Gayla Harris said...

So sweet! Georgia is beautiful! It's so much fun having a little girl! Wish I could have seen you guys when you were back. Maybe next summer.

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh my word, I want to know what everything was on that table! You Watkins never cease to amaze me. Love, love, love that outfit on Miss G! So fun to see all those wonderful people out to celebrate with the princess of the fam. Makes me miss you that much more...

Leslie said...

Love all these pictures!! Your baby girl is adorable!! 3 is tough huh!!! I'm sure you are doing it with ease. Great to see pictures of girls I know and miss!

angie said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the pink...still not used to seeing you with it :-). I know you are probabaly so glad to be back home and settled.
Nice job Honey and Ashley it was a perfect party!

Katy said...

Sooooo sweet! And I can tell you are havin fun dressin up little missy with pink and rufflessssssss!