Friday, August 13, 2010

The Bomb!

I will remember and refer to my favorite girl's weekend as "the Bomb" for many reasons. I know that lingo has totally expired, but I must! First off, we met for lunch at one of Waco's cutest little stores...the Mix. I brought back to Doha some cute placemats that will always remind me of our time there!
Then we all headed to Lake LBJ to spend a few days at Caryn's lakehouse along with Shannon who met us from Houston.

Shannon and I came as twinkies! Love you, Sister!

Who really minds a car ride through the hill country with your best friends and without children crying in the backseat...dreamy!! "The Bomb"
Shannon M, Katy, Shannon B, and Caryn

After hanging out at the house we headed to dinner at Lost Creek Vineyard just a few miles away from Kingsland. Beautiful!

It was delicious and a HUGE treat! Child-free and adult restuarant! "The Bomb"
Shannon, Caryn, Lauren

Katy and Ann
My girls!
We were actually at the lake house on a Wednesday through Friday so the lake itself was quiet and we had it to ourselves.
Being on the lake is at the top of my list of things I greatly miss while living in Doha.
Cows, no fence, green grass, blue Texas skies...all on the water = The BOMB!

Water skiing action, thanks to Caryn's sweet dad who came down to be our captian on the boat. Thank you Caryn for the pictures!
After lunch we spent the afternoon hanging out on the boat and driving around. what completed the entire weekend for me (the ice cream dessert lover that I am) was the TRUE BOMB! favorite dessert of all time. Because I love ice cream and I love peanut butter! Thank you Shannon Laine Boyd Brown for "the Bomb" are "the Bomb"!!

Shannon made this UGH-mazing dessert. Recipe below for my future records and anyone else interested! I've made it once myself and its easy. Its impossible to mess up.

Cheers to best friends that I'll hold tightly to til the day I die. We have already shared so much together. I plan to be in the middle of their business and I pray they're always in mine!! So there ya have it...these girls are the BOMB! Love you all!

Huge Huge Huge thanks to Honey and Papa who win the Bomb award for keeping all 3 Junod babies so I could have a little retreat! They made it look easy handling 2 crazy boys and little sister! There are no words for how much I love them and thank them for their help!!


What you need:
Med- Large Mixing Bowl
Cooking Spray
Saran Wrap
1/2 gal peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (or milk chocolate) - Slightly melted
1/2 cup or more of peanut butter (MUST have! Shannon added this at the last minute)
1/2 gal Dolce De Leche Ice Cream (Haagen Dazs) SOFTENED
8 Snack Size Snickers - CRUSHED
1/2 pkg of Nutter Butter Cookies - CRUSHED
1 bottle of Reece's Magic Shell

Spray the inside of your bowl with oil then line with saran wrap with extra coming over the edge.

Cut off paper carton by removing the top and bottom first. Then slice the ice cream like you would a loaf of bread. Place the slices inside the bowl lining the saran wrap. Use your fingers to spread the ice cream evenly all around the bowl.

Spread peanut butter on the chocolate ice cream. Might be helpful to freeze the ice cream so its easier to spread.

In a separate bowl mix the crushed Snickers into the Dolce De Leche soft ice cream (pop in the microwave if you need it softer) Then fill the inside of the bowl with the mix. Your bowl should be filled evenly and flat on top.

Top your bowl with crushed Nutter Butter cookies

Cover and Freeze well (over night is good)

To Serve:
Place bottom of the bowl into warm water for just a few seconds to release the ice cream bomb. Turn the Bomb onto a large plate.

Pour the Magic Shell over the top of the entire Bomb.

Slice and garnish with crushed Nutter Butters :)

Pretty sure this will be served at my mansion in Heaven for every meal! Enjoy!


Caryn said...

You arn't kidding that trip was the ;) Love it!!

Jackie said...

Girl! I remember you telling me about this!! I'll have to try and make it for Mark! He will love it! :) I'm so glad you guys had a fun weekend...what a blessing to be able to spend such quality time with your close friends. :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Love everything about how you pulled in the '90s slang for each part of this post! Good to know that you are now a chocolate convert if we just pile it high with some peanut butter. Ah this weekend was bliss...

Shannon said...

Oh Sister! You know I loved this post! I have to agree with you, The Bomb is by far my favorite dessert of ALL TIME! So - let's just share a mansion in Heaven so the cook doesn't have to prepare two of those. Sound good? Love you so much and am counting down until you are HOME AGAIN!

Leslie said...

Shoot!! Has peanut butter in it!!! Looks amazing though. Love all the cootie pie pics of Georgia!! Can you believe you have a girl now!! Hope those boys are loving on her!!! Hope all is well!!!!

Katy said...

You bet your bottom dollar that was the bomb!!!!!!!!! dessert and trip baby!!!

Can we just talk about our love of peanut butter for a second??? I'm pretty sure it's the best food IN the world. can i get an amen?