Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Times!

These posts are jammed packed with pictures. I can' t leave anything out plus we had a ton of sweet friends and family to visit with in a short period of time. Thank the good Lord for these supporters of us and our Doha adventure.

Tracy left her sweet babies to come visit and spend some quality time with all of us. We rimeniniced about good old Baylor days, swapped mama stories, shopped til Georgia dropped, and as always got a spiritual boost.

Tracy came bearing lots of fun treats for the Bees and Georgia. Tracy's love language = gift giving! She's one of the absolute best! Great taste and so thoughtful.

Cup cakes from a special Houston bakery!

This is what the Bees call their "Boys Club". With given some uninterruped spare time...this is what we found. Honey and Papa's bathroom with every towel, blanket, pillow and chair transformed into a "Boys Club". I guess Anna got a special pass.

Brooks was on a roll with his artwork. These are mostly pictures of Georgia. As you can see she is swaddled up in her Miracle Blanket looking like a glow worm (with a bow and/or hair). He likes to have art shows...this one was specifically for the Sip and See party for Georgia.

Aunt Monica, from Houston came to Dallas bearing all kinds of fun gifts. Then took the boys for a full day of fun to the park, movies, swimming and a hotel nap. Thank you Aunt Mouse for giving Mommy a full day of running errands and spending some quality time with the Bees!

Spent the evening with some of my oldest friends Jill and Cabell. Both are high school and Baylor friends. We couldn't stop talking which led to an even later night. I accidentally left my keys in another store that closed well before we finished catching up. Thanks for the ride Cab!


More Houston friends in town that we were able to catch a lunch date with!
Brooke is an awesome photographer in Houston and took these cute pix!
Caroline and Georgia

Caroline, Ben and Brooks


Our friendship is 10 years old and I'll always be thankful for the blind date we went on with the Martins. Brooke called us to have dinner without having ever met or laid eyes on the Junods. The rest is history :)

The LaRovere's have moved back to Texas but thank goodness for our Plano roots and Houston connections. Jackie and her boys came to Little Elm to play and enjoy Babe's Chicken for the first time!
The boys!

Hokie Pokie at Babe's

Horse-like eating Brooks!

Catching some play time with Anna's cooking toys!

She's found them...will it stick?

Sweet Lou Lou!

This is sweet because Graham loves his mommy SO MUCH! Brooks is only trying to help but G's heart is with Mama!

Happy Birthday to Brooks from Honey and Papa. We had an early birthday opening party so Brooks could be all set for ASD!

Two Peas! Barrett and Buddy!

One last visit with Aunt Rosie before leaving for Doha.

There they are again...those fingers.

Filling up on TexMex and family time!


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Heitzmann Jennifer said...

LOVE the art show! Isn't it fun watching our kids develop their little skills! And he even mastered the swaddled look...perfect! Looks like ya'll had a great time. So glad!