Sunday, August 29, 2010

Georgia this week...

Georgia found her piggies!

Grabby Gus! (God bless the 5 year old playmat that lost its toys) Mama's gettin' this girl a new one! Lord knows what it will look like since we'll have to buy it in Doha. Might have hanging camels.

Georgia had her first play date. Heidi was born just after we left to come home for the summer so this was our first time to meet her!

Check out the head of spikey hair on Heidi's head. Its awesome!

Heidi's mama, Anni and I are friends from Bunco. She and her husband are from the UK but have actually lived as expats in Houston. When we were visiting I asked if they sold Mylicon drops anywhere in Doha because Georgia has been gassy . Anni looked very confused until I confirmed that Georgia has "wind". I loved it...especially when Anni said it in her beautiful British accent. Yes, Georgia has wind and Anni generously gave us some drops to relieve the wind. Same exact ingredient as Mylicon...just the British version and its orange flavored.

Super entertained by the feet!

Sweet little paws!

I love and miss you ALL this much!


Graham and Storey said...

Oh my gosh, Georgia just keeps getting cuter! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I think you should go ahead and move to waco soon.. :) I have much to learn about boy world!

Shannon said...

WIND!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is pure greatness! Of course, I do think calling it "wind" is much more lady-like that calling it "gas" or the "toots!" So funny! Sweet G is looking so big! Pure Preciousness! Love you and miss you!

Katy said...

Ha! I love the British accent! :) so funny

Well, I hope you're getting Miss Georgia lou the playmat from PB!!!!! have you seen it?? too cute!

p.s. I agree with storey=---move to waco puuuleeeze! :)

Ashley Hall said...

I already told you but had to look at these pics again and tell you what a little beauty G is!!! That piggie pic is the best!! Oh I miss her so!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the British accent, the poor missing toys from the legend Baby Eins floor mat, those sweet cheeks on Miss G, and your editing! She is still looking like her daddy - such a precious face! Love seeing her in all those matching outfits and headbands!