Thursday, August 19, 2010

Longtime friends!

Glenda and Monty hosted the Watkins, Prince and Ross families for swimming and grubbin'! These families go WAY back. We all grew up together and our families have stayed very close friends. We also got to see some old friends Matt and Ashley Franks who stopped by.

The Ross's have a special way of throwing parties. Their house was "the house" to go to when I was in high school b/c it was stocked with all kinds of fun stuff to eat and any soft drink you could ever imagine. They hosted great parties around their pool and have always been extremely gracious hosts! Tradition still stands...Mr. and Mrs. Ross out-did themselves with the hosting.

The spread!

These were so cute. Each tag had a family name and a little picture with a fun personal picture.

The pool and backyard are like another living space...beautiful!

Papa and Brooks on Nemo

Ryann with her Uncle David

Anna jumping to Papa

Matt with Rowan, Glen and Gavin

Honey and Graham

Then (began almost 20 years ago)...


Watkins, Ross, Prince Originals

Mr. Ross...ALWAYS the entertainer. Has always had a reputation for jumping in pools fully clothed. He did and then played with the little ones.

Jill and brave Kate

Julie, just a few weeks away from being a mommy herself (of twins)!

What a treat to have spent such a great time together. Only thing missing was Nick! Bummer he missed it! Since all of us went to Baylor we have shared a lot of memories.

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Ashley Franks said...

It was so great to finally meet you! Ha! We're so glad that we got to stop by. Your children are all so adorable! Roman had a great time watching the big boys!