Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to Doha Days

Guess who....old friends from Baylor and Houston, new friends to Doha! We couldn't be more excited to welcome the Harris family to Doha. I'm quite sure the Harris's will make a lot of showings on our Doha Days Blog.

Emery and Georgia

Cres, Brooks, Bear

So we spent 4 hours (seriously) at Bennigans this day for lunch and play time. All of us, including a few other moms needed the outing to kick our jet lag and enjoy eating in public! Ramadan started the next day which means fasting during daylight hours. So the restaurants are ALL closed until sundown.

Bennigans isNOT my fave back home but since they provide this incredible play room...thank you for the 4 hours!

Linsday and me (poor Cres, missing his nap)
Linsday and were Pi Phis together at Baylor. We share some fun memories and now get to make more in Doha! Its pretty cool that our husbands and kids get a long too!

Emery, Georgia and Macie

Swimming with the Duncans

Only exciting to us is this picture...Bear's first time to really swim!

Hot and still Happy!

More swimming...

and cliff diving

and napping

We don't always make this poor girl lay out in the desert sun. She's been hangin' in the bumbo.

Lunch with Cres and Emery after more swimming

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