Saturday, August 21, 2010

Houston Highlights

Before heading back to Houston we spent some much needed time in Houston and Rockport. Took the opportunity to spend quality time with family and catch a few quick visits with friends. We drove to Houston while Nick flew in from Doha. Our 6 week separation was LONG. The reunion was sweet!

Tatty and Georgia (we like to call Georgia "sugar" or "sugar bowl" because of how God gently pulled those sweet ears out from her head) Tatty named her that after noticing she was carrying on a Krause family trademark. We think they're cute.

Dinner out with my cherished Houston friends. Jenise made a special trip from Victoria so we could all be together. Sometimes living in Victoria feels a little like an expat assignment when you've lived in the big city all your life :) We knocked out a little Anthropologie shopping before dinner with the rest of the crew.

Me, Kim, Shannon, Tracy, Katie, Jenise
(Missed you Jenn)

So glad we could catch lunch with the Halls.

Played pool-side with Justin

We were able to catch some hang time at JT's. Let's just say they had a blast.
Great pics from Shannon.

For the most part we were so happy and excited to spend some quality time with our very good friends the Tuleys. The unfortunate part of our time together was due to the cow at Chick-Fil-A. Both the Bees have TERRified of the cow FORever! And for no reason!
He appeared and they were trapped. Sorry to say but Katie ad I laughed our heads off.

All's well that ends well!
Barrett and his friend the cow. Brooks...not so much!

Brooks and Kaylinn!

Spent most of our week in Tatty's pool!

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Heitzmann Jennifer said...

Ugh, feels like a little kick in the gutt to not have been there hugging on you and those Houston gals. So thankful you had that time...the pix are absolutely gorgeous and you all look fabulously tan. Love those sweet daddy reunion pix too!