Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple Tree with a little surprise!

Back at Apple Tree. Barrett had his first day for the term. We have LOVED our experience at Apple Tree and Barrett was excited to be back this year. I wasn't sure if the enthusiasm would stick around through "drop off" but it did. This little dude has grown up and had no problem with me leaving him for the day, which is different than last year. Its amazing how much he watches and models what the older brother does. Brooks has truly enjoyed getting up and going to school and I think its been rubbing off on ol Bear.

Barrett and his teacher, Mrs. Julie (who is AwEsOmE!)

After school there was a little surprise waiting at home for the boys. Our air shipment arrived with the ever-so-loved Jeep!!

Too bad its so hot they can hardly stand to stay outside but it was fun while it lasted. Many more Jeep afternoon drives ahead!

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shannonmichaelis said...

Sweet Bear with the big smiles. Jealous of that Jeep!