Sunday, August 1, 2010

Townley Times

Every summer we spend some good ol Townley Time together. The Townley girls start with Jerry and Terry and from there it goes down to 3 daughers and 8 babies. We had a blast although the tummy bug attacked. So fun for us to have our kids so close in age.

Sharon and our babies (Whitney and Georgia)

When Brooks plays with girls, he plays with beads!!! And with all those beads the first thing he did was make me a necklace.

Blue-eyed Beauties! Just a few weeks apart!

Lindsey and Georgia

Little talent show by Courtney and Anna

Townley Girls and Crew
Sharon had these cute t-shirts made for our reunion

Slip and Slide (Thanks to Mrs Ross!!)

Popsicles for break time!

Scogin girls and Georgia

Aunt Rosie and Georgia

Giant Cheeto Balls!

Finger dunk by Lou Lou into the peanut butter!

Group rest time!

Pool Time

Unsupervised sunblock application!

Jumbo Slide



Anonymous said...

Oh my! Barrett has changed so much! Looks so much older...still cute as cab be, as are the other two! Love Brooks' haircut!

Shannon said...

I love the tshirts! What a fun day with the whole crew. I know your mom and her sister were eating up every minute of it. Love you friend!

joven said...

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