Sunday, August 22, 2010

Departure and Arrival!

Slowly but surely I'm getting a little caught up on things, including blogging. We've been back in Doha for 2 weeks now and I think we're finally feeling settled and back at "home".

Since we've added an additional person to our family, we packed up some stuff to have air-shipped over to Doha. Thanks to Papa for packing the truck so we could drive it to Houston for shipment.

The most prized possession in that shipment...the Jeep!

On our way out...

Waiting to board...

Upon arrival they turned into super heroes.

You need to be a super hero to cope with the jet lag. Poor Barrett couldn't keep himself entertained with the baby playmat.

Just a day after we were back we witnessed a beautiful sunset...not easy to come by here in the Sand Box.

We're definitely back in Doha...round-a-bout with toy truck and giant tire.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're feeling settled in already. Must have been many difficult goodbyes...

Seeing your two superheroes reminds me of our two boys, years ago. Our oldest (now 17), in particular, didn't appear as anyone other than 'Batman' for about 3 years I think. Such fun times!!

As always, enjoying your blog and all the photos.

Rick and Beth said...

Wendi, so glad you made it home safely. I'm impressed that your goodbye pictures are tear-free. When I say goodbye to my family I'm a tearful mess!

shannonmichaelis said...

Justin was all over the superhero costumes! He wanted to know if that's what B & B will be for Halloween. He wants to be what both of them are. :-)