Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sprinkle for Tracy

Yesterday we celebrated the any-day-now arrival of little Madison.  Tracy is a sweet friend of mine who I'm so thankful for.  We so enjoy spending time with their whole family.  They are on the final countdown for leaving Doha.  Mike's contract will end this summer so their family of 5 will head back to Kansas City but not before they do what we all thought was unimaginable...have a baby in Doha! I've reassured her that it will be a great experience and Madison will be special because of her Qatari roots :) 

Tracy looks beautiful and is literally about to pop but we were able to squeeze in this little "sprinkle" of love on her and baby girl.  We enjoyed the sunshine and brunch at the souqs.  

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Lindsey said...

What gorgeous pictures! What a small world that they will live in Kansas City too.