Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Day

Saturday was packed from sun-up to well past sun-down.  We started of at "Family Day" with Nick's company.  Every year there is good reason to celebrate safety in the oil and gas biz so they put together a very fun all day event for the entire family.  Nick organized most of the event.  It was a big success and lots and lots of fun. What's not to love about the Ritz! 
Lots of fun free stuff for everyone when they arrived.
Pony rides
 Unlimited popcorn and cotton candy!
The Ritz has the most beautiful outdoor area.  We could have used the pool but ran out of time.  We enjoyed plenty!
 Georgia with Gena and Bailey. Precious friends. 
Kim and I indulging in the most ridiculously delicious food! 
These were spoons of tiny lemon pies. Incredible! 
Oh and lets not forget we're in the land of almost...Minney and Mickey's were there.  Well, something close to that.  Slightly creepy.
We took a dhow boat cruise.
dance party on the top deck
one last slide
one more cotton candy

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Lindsey said...

So fun! I wish they would do something like that here or even in Houston! :)