Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween the 31st!

Of course Halloween was a school day so the boys got to wear their costumes.  
Waiting for our carpool ride to school... 
We were all so exhausted from such a busy weekend before.  It was nice to have already done the trick-or-treating but there were class parties to enjoy.  Being a home room mom for both of their classes has been a bit challenging.  Its well worth it though.  Plus, I don't do the job alone.  I don't remember a time that my mom and dad weren't all up in my school business.  Now I'm beginning to understand all the benefits. I know they won't always be so excited to see me at school but for now they are so proud to have me there.  I'll take it and its definitely worth the work. 

First up was the Kindergarten party. 
Making spider crackers for one of their snacks.
Instead of making cupcakes in a jar, I made cupcakes in a cup. So easy to eat and clean up!
PreK Party!
Decorating faces on little pumpkins.
Searching for candy eyeballs in jello.
Cupcakes in a cup...
Barrett's best buddies
That day we ended with my birthday cake. The boys had insisted I have a cake but we just didn't have the right time to do it until Halloween evening.   
That is a red velvet, sweet cream Cold Stone Cake! Insane!

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