Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Fun

Last week was jammed packed starting with our weekend.  Birthday, company family day and Halloween made for a very busy start to a long 10 day stretch of fun stuff.  The day before my birthday Georgia and I met up with a few friends for a delicious brunch and Doha's ever-so-treasured Dean and Deluca. 
We met Dede, Teresa and Lindsay.  Here Georgia insists that she share her passy and baby with the rest of the table.  She really insisted on it! 
We ALL ordered this heavenly plate full of waffles!  Amazing! 
After filling our tummies we did a little shopping and took full advantage of D&D's Halloween display and pumpkin patch with Georgia.  You don't want to know how much these pumpkins cost!
That evening we had another celebration with our dear friends the Saleh's.  Doha's Tribeca Film Festival was in full swing so we spent the evening at Katara Cultural Village enjoying the outdoor theater.  We saw a very interesting, slightly slow moving documentary Mama Africa. It was about Miriam Makeba who was an incredible civil rights activist, Grammy award winning artist from South Africa. 
We had a great night with Jamie and Kim.  We ate dinner Arab style at 10pm after our tail ends sat in the horrible outdoor theater seats.  Richest country in the world, worst seats EVER!
Antonio Banderas was in town for his big, new up and coming movie Black Gold.  Tickets went fast so we'll catch that one in the regular old movie theater.
After the movie we ate delicious Indian food.  The restaurant was really nice and elegant, unlike the picture!
These pictures are awful but I love this girl and I'm so thankful for her!
Me and Kim

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Jackie said...

Oh My Goodness! Georgia looks way too cute in her pumpkin outfit! :) Glad you guys had fun out with Kim and Jamie...she was so sweet when I met her. :)