Monday, November 7, 2011


My birthday weekend was busy but so fun to actually celebrate on a Friday when there's no school or work! I woke up to a house full of birthday wishes.  The boys were SO excited about my birthday. They made an endless amount of birthday cards and decorated the gift wrap beautifully on my presents.  They each gave me presents that Daddy had helped them pick out.  Barrett gave me a great little collection of Mac makeup pieces, which I thought was a great idea!  And Brooks gave me 2 pair of earrings!  My husband nailed the birthday gifts with a new camera lens and a Kelly Moore camera bag that I flipped out over!   No pictures...I was fresh out of bed and recovering from a bad cold.  Not camera ready!

So, I started the day watching my sluggers and hunky husband do the t-ball thing.  So proud of all of them and its so fun to do it all together on the same team and field!  I know my day is coming when I'll be bouncing from field to field.

This season Barrett is so fired up about playing Tball.  So there are a few more shots of him (in his tiny little baseball pants that I can't get enough of).  Brooks is anxious to hit a real pitch.  His skills have greatly improved and he seems to love baseball and his daddy being the coach.
Georgia and I share the title of Number ONE Fan most of the time.... 
Sometimes the heat is a bit much though.  She is hard to keep off the field wanting to run to Daddy or the brothers. 
 Let us not forget this guy we were entertained by on our way home.
After Tball I was treated to a nice long birthday nap!  And after the nap, Nick and I went to dinner at an incredibly Japanese Restaurant at the Pearl.  Apparently Megu is a very sophistocated New York based restaurant.  It was amazing and such a great birthday spot.  We are always a little out of our element when we have to dress up for dinner. We're just normal people from Tomball and East Plano.  You know we need to be on our best behavior when my country boy comes out of the bathroom saying he didn't know how to turn the faucet on...what?  
Take a look at the asparagus.  There really aren't words to describe how incredible it was.  Our outdoor table was pretty amazing too.
And the Kobe beef...hello!!! That very very special and delicious cow is on a sizzling rock!
Gorgeous sushi...All of which was very tasty.  I cannot speak for the salmon eggs which are pictured below.  Country boy who eats everything said the texture was a bit much.  We'll stick to the sushi. 
One of the views from our table....
After dinner, I opted for the flats and we headed for the crazy mall.  The boys were insistent that we have a birthday cake.  So we popped by Cold Stone for a treat and a cake to finish off the night.  


Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Wish so badly we could have been there to help you celebrate! Looks like you had a really good day. Your boys are so good about making cards, wrapping paper, etc. Very sweet. That new restaurant looks so the steak on the rock. :) Happy Birthday Again Girl!! :)

Heitzmann Jennifer said...

So sad we haven't gotten to have our "birthday chat" yet! But, it looks like you had a great day, and you looked so cute in your LBD and I love your flats :) Want to hear all about the new lens! Glad to read up on all the recent activities via blogland. Catchya soon.