Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Singing Dunes Never Gets Old

Last weekend we spent the afternoon and evening at the Singing Dunes once again!  It truly never gets old.  Its a place that forces us to take a breather and enjoy the beauty of the desert.  

Crossing paths with a few goats on our drive...never gets old!

Kids and Steve, first ones up
Teresa, Dede and Dottie (Dede's mom)
Daddy, Dogs and Barrett headed up
Daddy's girl refused to be left behind.  Major tears resulted in a ride to the top.
Someone changed their minds...
Notice a certain someone in a green shirt also caught a ride...
Everyone made it!  Including Dede's mom who is 70 plus...that's incredible if you can't tell.  We all now know where Dede's gets her competitive drive. 
Someone took a nose dive running down the dune. Not a happy camper!
All cleaned up after a quick head dunk...
Dottie, Dede and Georgia 
...who were fast friends since Mrs. Dottie brought G some special things all the way from Dallas.
Audrey and Ava with the Junods
Smores please!
 Jerry is in development/construction here in Doha and brought this cowboy hardhat from Texas.  Gotta love it...you know the Qataris do!


Middle Matilda said...

Wendi, I am so thrilled your family is getting to have these wonderful experiences in Doha! I love living vicariously through your pictures and postings! David is out of our villa and staying at the Inter Con until his Tues am flight home. We will be glad to see him, of course, but sad to finally close the door on our life in the desert!

Lindsey said...

You take such gorgeous pictures! Do you use a special lens or camera setting?