Thursday, December 1, 2011


We're in full holiday mode at our house and so ready to see our precious family and friends back in the USA.  I think Thanksgiving kick-started my drive and love for American traditions and spirit which makes me eager to be home at Christmas.  Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving with over 30 American families and 65 American military men and women (representing the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines!).  It was a powerful and special afternoon.  I needed to be reminded what a gift and blessing it is to be born as an American and from the absolute best country in the world. 

Of course Thursday, Thanksgiving Day was a usual day here in the Middle East so the boys went to school and Nick went off to work.  It just so happened to be one of ASD's spirit days. The students were supposed to dress like teachers/adults and the teachers like kids.  So here are our little BIG people.  They were very disappointed we didn't have pants like daddy's.  Cargos, ties and boots just had to work for these TURKEYS!

After work and school it was time to get frying.  We had our Thanksgiving on Friday afternoon with lots to do Friday morning so we had to prep the night before. 
 We have some connections to the American military bases here and have personally been able to get know a few of the families that have moved to Doha to serve in the Army.  In Qatar the service men/women are here for a short time and only a few bring their families.  They also rarely come off the base.  They said wearing regular clothes with civilians and getting out was a treat for them.  As usual we planned this dinner for them and turns out we were ALL left with thanksgiving and the boost of American spirit and pride. Everyone was so gracious and so real.  There were many times I felt so humbled I couldn't speak.  They were so sweet to all of our kids and just kept saying how much they were reminded of their own kids.  There really is no other job more self sacrificing.

Before we ate all 200 of us gathered to have a really incredible prayer time.  Jerry prayed over all of our service men and women and then the Air Force chaplain blessed our food.   There was such a unique feeling in the room.  Everyone far away from home and their families yet tied together so strongly by our citizenship in the United States and under God.  Needless to say, it was a memorable Doha Day!

The Commander presented us with these plaques to the 5 host families.  Host families couldn't have done it without the 30 other families that helped us!  Nick definitely deserved an award for the turkeys he fried! 
Sherry and the 2 soldiers she claimed for the day.  The guy on the right was from Dallas so she was calling him "Texas".
Jacksons and Dede's mom
Tracy, Hannah, Krisine and Shana
If this was a scratch and snif sticker is would smell EXACTLY like Thanksgiving!
 Our family of 5 stayed together to eat but that wasn't long. The horrible picture is here to prove it. The boys played and played all afternoon!  Georgia went home to take a nap and I'm surprised my husband is still in the oil & gas business.  Thought he might have enlisted after a full day spent with soldiers. 
G, Linds, Emmy
Kent and respect this family so much.  I pray I can be half the Godly mother and woman Brenda is!
 Our fearless leader and party planner, Sherry with Georgia, "Texas" and some incredible military ladies. 

Nick and Neal (co-worker and friend) 
 Since the Thanksgiving Feast was at our compound it was so convenient to just hang out all afternoon until well after dark and dinner.  We had the best time and will always remember 2011 as a special Thanksgiving!


Lindsey said...

What an amazing Thanksgiving! So so powerful. Thanks for sharing! :)

Jennie said...

Wow! What a wonderful day you had!!!! Happy Thanksgiving! And a special thank you to all who serve!

Mary Anne said...

I love this so much I want to come next year!! Ha! What a great thing for you guys to do!! Can't wait to read about London!!