Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AF2 Compound Fall Fest

We have been so overwhelmed by the blessings that just keep coming from our move to a new compound last spring.   The sense of community, fellowship and safety is something that will be hard to beat anywhere else we live.  God has gifted us for sure!  With the boys totally into Halloween this year, they had their best Halloween yet...ya know they're getting less and less like my little dress up dolls for Halloween! But they still went for my idea and actually loved it!  Its a good thing because those costumes were on their way to Doha and darn it they were wearing them!  

An incredible lady in our compound always takes the chore on herself to plan the neighborhood fall festival each year for all of the families.  She did a fabulous job and we had the best time with all of our neighbors and friends!

Ok so they weren't totally into their characters when they stepped out of the house but as soon as they hit the crowd I didn't have to convince them of their fun costumes.  Who doesn't love Santa and his crew!  And especially in the Middle East where he's not as well known.  I wanted to do the Nativity Scene but thought that would be mean to Barrett..he doesn't qualify as Baby Jesus or Mary. 
So the first picture is taken during "warm-up" mode and I was alone.  Nick was finishing things up for work.  Dressing kids of Halloween is exhausting and full of all kinds of pressure!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Little craft to kick things off...the boys love some crafts. 
My favorite picture all night! Cutie Patootie Elf in mid air! 
Sleepwalking Georgia the Snowman was going on absolutely no sleep for the day! 
Bad pic but proof we're not just into crafts...

Georgia and Aunt Gena below. She is the mama of 4 incredible kids.
3 of her 4 are out of the house but I'd still like to move in and learn by osmosis. 
She's one of a kind and such a Godly woman! Georgia wouldn't let her go that night!
I loved this game..."Which Nostril Has the Prize?"  Let's just say the wrong nostril felt nasty.
Whenever we couldn't find Georgia she was always at the fishin' hole.
Group pic after dinner. 
Trick or Treating at Mr. Dan's.
Mrs. Traci
Sleigh ride! 
Best for last apparently!  Mrs Sherry is another mama I've been blessed by. She loves my kids and means it!  First off her villa should be on the front of a magazine...and its orange and yellow like the rest of our's.  Second she gave out the best stuff.  Gummy pizzas that she named Patrizi Pizzas. The family she married into has restaurants in Beaumont, TX.  Look em up. She also handed out cute oranges painted like a jack-o-lantern.  Then she gave my kids one riyal each! Hello, favorite house!  Believe it or not, Brooks said his favorite thing he got the entire night was the orange at Mrs. Sherry's.
Back home to the sad reindeer. They were upset about missing out on trick or treating, not the antlers! 
Strippin down!
 Happy Halloween...except its not over.

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shannonmichaelis said...

Girl you're going to town on your blog!

OK, meant to ask and forgot about which lens you got. your photos look amazing - can totally tell the difference.

Barrett's elf costume is a scream. Absolutely hilarious. Great idea on the costumes.