Monday, November 21, 2011

Georgia and Lunch in the Souqs

A few weeks ago when we were all off for the Eid break.  We spent lunch and part of the afternoon at Souq Waqif...still one of our favorite places to hang out in Doha.  They continue to update and add on.  Its all brand new facilities, shops and restaurants but very old authentic Middle Eastern architecture and charm.  Lots of locals and expats all in one place.  Fun atmosphere and since the weather is better we enjoyed lunch outside.
Waiting for our table...
don't go to the souqs hungry or thirsty.  The service is authentic too :)
Our centerpiece while we waited for our food.
My man!
Family pic
p.s. Daddy dressed the kids! I was impressed!
I also took the opportunity to take a few shots of Georgia while we were down there.  I wanted to catch Georgia at 18 months old in this dress!  My mom smocked this dress for me and Ashley to wear when we were little.  Its still good as new and has Honey's fingerprints all over it from years ago. 
Georgia was on the verge of being very sick but I didn't know it.  Looking at these pictures you can see it in her eyes.  The best mom's don't pay attention to those warning signs.
All of these expressions are so true to Miss Priss though.  I could bottle this age up and keep it forever!
These 2 aren't sharp but they certainly represent Georgie's personality. 
Poor sick eyes and runny nose!
...oh Lord be with us as we move toward the terrible TWO.  I think we might have our hands full.


Jennie said...

LOVING these pics of sweet Georgia!

angie said...

Such a cutiepie!! Great pictures of your little one:). I bet 2 will be just fine.

Middle Matilda said...

I remember those dresses....on me, my sisters, AND on my two girls! Love 'em!